1/21/22 Cornwall News

Posted by Heather Raabe on 1/21/2022

Hello Cornwall families,



There is LOTS of information below. Please keep reading for updates on health and safety and a new progress report format as well as an introduction to a new staff member and some information about soccer.



Health and Safety update

As we shared in Tuesday's email about updated COVID guidance, we will no longer be performing traditional contact tracing. However, we have adjusted Tuesday’s guidance for elementary schools. 

We will be sending an email notification to any elementary class with a positive case, contagious at school. All positive COVID cases, elementary and secondary, will be reported each day on our COVID DASHBOARD, where we will also note which class, or classes, were impacted. You can check the dashboard by 3pm each day. 

To request a home COVID kit, please contact your school nurse directly. Due to uncertain supply, we encourage everyone to sign up to receive a free test kit from the USPS. Please read COVID Coordinator, Kelly Landwehr's, full weekly updates here




Welcome to Cornwall!

We’d like to introduce Kellie Meyer, a new paraprofessional now working at Cornwall School, primarily with Ms. Harvey in the third grade classroom. Kellie was born in Connecticut and grew up in Vermont. She lives in New Haven with her cat, Candy Corn, whom she loves to spend time with. In her free time, Kellie enjoys reading, taking walks, and is a fan of early American/Vermont history. Kellie also likes watching opera musicals and classic Western TV shows. She is a student of History and American Studies at Charter Oak State College. Kellie has worked in elementary schools for over 11 years because she enjoys it! She is looking forward to working with the Cornwall School community!



Addison United Soccer Club

Please see this  flyer for more information.


Progress Report Update


Progress reports will be going home with students on Friday, February 4th.



When you receive your child's progress report, you will notice it looks different than in past years. A committee of teachers and administrators met in the past two years to design a document that is informative to families and is aligned with International Baccalaureate practices. 


What's New? 

Approaches to Learning

Besides the new format, teachers will be reporting on the Approaches to Learning skills (ATLs - see the illustration above). This will replace the "behavior checklist" of the past. 

Evidence for ATL progress indicators come from units of inquiry, all subject areas and daily observations. For example, self management skills are taught, practiced and observed daily at recess, meals, and during instruction. Students may demonstrate these skills “some of the time”, “most of the time”, “consistently” or “not yet.” We believe that someone who is doing well is showing a skill most of the time. Consistently demonstrating a skill is less usual. 


Subject Progress Indicators

Something else that is new are the subject progress indicators. You can see these in the chart below. This area of the progress report may be the one most affected by the pandemic as the progress is measured against grade level standards, yet instruction has been disrupted in the past two years. 


Students who were just acquiring new skills in the Spring of 2020 may not have mastered them solidly enough to hold on to them through the various disruptions to school we've experienced. You may notice your student receiving a "beginning" indicator. 


A student may receive a “beginning” indicator if he or she meets some, but not all of the standards in a given area. “Beginning” may mean that the student is getting closer to meeting the standard than they were at the start of the year. We are addressing gaps and providing "just right" instruction in order to get students "on track". What might be more informative about how your child is doing are the comments accompanying the indicators, which state the growth and progress your child is making and the next steps that they will be working on.



This progress report is only one part of a reporting system that includes parent conferences and unit summaries. It looks for very specific information on common expectations district wide and is one way by which we measure student success at school. It represents a snapshot in time.  


Children learn best when all adults, inside and outside of school, know the progress of learning so that we can identify where school staff can further support all students in meeting grade-level expectations. Learning takes time and practice, and the identification of what needs additional practice is an essential component to student success. 


Some of the best gifts students bring to school are not measurable or contained in our standards, yet we experience these gifts each day we share with your child. It is the myriad of these unique gifts that makes us a community. Please keep in mind the limitations of any reporting tool, and know that we appreciate your entire child, not just those parts that we measure. Please feel free to follow up with your child’s teacher if you have any questions regarding your child’s progress report.


Cornwall School on Instagram

I realized it’s been a while since I pointed out the Cornwall School Instagram account. The photos there are AMAZING and look so much better than those on our website (even when it’s the exact same photo!).


Find it here - cornwallschoolvt



Important Dates

2/2/22           Early release day. School dismisses at 1:05pm.

2/4/22           Progress Reports go home

2/21-2/25/22 February break - no school