1/7/22 Cornwall News

Posted by Heather Raabe on 1/7/2022

Hello Cornwall families,


Happy New Year! Welcome back to school this week, and happy snowy day today! Snowy days make for fun recesses.


And thank you, once again, for supporting the school community and each other as we continue to navigate through the pandemic.


Speaking of..... please see the

Health and Safety update from Kelly Landwehr

Please take a look at this week's health and safety update.


Class Highlight, Music Notes from Kendra Gratton 

This week was Day 16 in the Cornwall Music Room.  For such a relatively short time, we have been very busy singing, moving, listening to, and making music! 


For grades K, 1, and 2, this has included appreciating the beautiful music of Pyotr Tchaikovsky and watching selections of the ballet, “The Nutcracker”.  We moved with scarves,  tapped paper plates, tiptoed, marched and danced.  We have been talking about the concepts of forte/piano (loud/soft), and have used tempo words such as presto/largo (fast/slow). We also had the great experience of sharing a beautiful song “Just One Candle” with each class in the school just before Winter Break. 


Grade 3 has been learning about rhythms using quarter notes and eighth notes and has been using bucket drums, boomwhackers, and a variety of rhythm instruments to create and duplicate musical patterns. We’ve also moved like frozen scarecrows to Kabalevsky’s music, and created blacklight spooky drawings to music by Saint-Saens. Grade three also requests to sing the Cornwall School Song every Friday. 


Grades 4 and 5 have been creating and reading musical rhythms using bucket drums and boomwhackers. They were able to create an original sound effect accompaniment to a Mickey Mouse cartoon using instruments in the music room, and learned a challenging and fun clapping game called, “The Dum Dum Song”, which they shared with others at recess time.  They also perfected a stick challenge to the Dutch song, “Sarasponda”. Looking ahead, Grades 4 and 5 will be using the online software notation program, “Noteflight” to create original works to share, print out, and play.


Drama Club for grades 3-6 has been a delightful exploration of the wonderful world of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. We have cast the show and are creating scenes and songs as we learn about some of the Elements of Drama and have discussed character, plot, and setting. It is an energetic and dedicated group of 22 thespians!  We have a few weeks left in this term (Jan 7, 21, 28) and will begin a new term in February to finish up our "Wonkavision " and then move to a theme of Mary Poppins and other Disney favorites. 





Important Dates

1/17/22      No school, Martin Luther King Day

1/18/22      No school, Teacher work day

2/4/22          Progress reports go home