12/17/21 Cornwall News

Posted by Heather Raabe on 12/17/2021

Hello Cornwall families,


Thank you to FOCS for filling the flower boxes outside with winter greenery! This is the last Friday newsletter before break, and there is a lot of info below - please take a look.


Health and Safety update from Kelly Landwehr

Please take a look at this week's health and safety update.


Trout in the Classroom

Cornwall School is one of many schools in Vermont who received a grant for materials to participate in the Trout in the Classroom program!  We began a few years ago and took a break due to Covid but we are now back at it!


This program is connected to Trout Unlimited and strives to give students the opportunity to learn about our native Brook Trout and importance of water quality. We are readying our tank for our egg delivery in the new year and will raise trout from eggs to release in a local river.


Currently, we have no Trout in the Classroom volunteer for Addison County. This person would learn about tank setups and ecosystems, support classrooms in Addison County that may run into questions or issues, and will be a part of distributing eggs to our schools.


If you would be interested in learning more about the Trout in the Classroom volunteer responsibilities, please contact Valerie Calzini (vcalzini@acsdvt.org) and she will connect you with the TIC leaders!



Plant Project

Kindergarten and first grade are hoping to do a gifting plant project in the New Year and we need your help! We are looking for easy to grow cuttings! Things like spider plants, jade plants, aloe, inch plants, succulents, or others that you might know about would be wonderful donations! We are hoping to gather a bunch of cuttings the week of January 10. If your cuttings have a story or history, even better! We would love to hear about it and share it!


Contact Mrs. C or Ms. Erin if you have any questions!

Marble Ramp Project

Beginning this week, the 1st and 2nd grade students will collaborate on science based projects on Thursday afternoons. This week we are going to start thinking about energy, motion, measurement, mass, and data by creating marble ramps.


 We are looking for: 

-- rolls of masking tape

-- toilet paper tubes

-- paper towel tubes

-- longer cardboard tubes (such as gift wrap tubes, mailing tubes, tubes from a fabric or furniture store)

-- small plastic yogurt or cottage cheese containers


If you have any of these items please send them in with your child. Thank you in advance for your help


Food Resources

Hunger Free Vermont has created a flyer on accessing Vermont food programs.

This electronic flyer contains live links that will allow people to quickly connect with a variety of food resources and assistance.

Contact: Rosie Krueger at Mary.Krueger@vermont.gov


Class Highlight - Guidance, from Tammie Johnson

Cornwall students have been hard at work in guidance classes this fall and winter! It has been a joy to watch students make connections and build skills.


Kindergarten, first and second grade students have focused on skills for learning: listening, focusing attention, following directions, self-talk and being assertive. They have also been learning about empathy, recognizing feelings in themselves and others, and calming down strong feelings.  If you know a kindergarten or first grade student, ask them about Puppy and Snail, the puppets who sometimes help with guidance lessons.


Third Grade students have been learning about stress, recognizing feelings in themselves and others, calming down strong feelings, coping skills, predicting feelings, and how the brain and body changes when calm versus stressed. They recently wrote letters home to teach their families about their guidance lessons. 

Fourth and fifth grade students have been working to create their own guidance newsletters focused on empathy and skills for learning. Fourth grade topics have included: empathy and respect, listening with attention, being assertive, respecting similarities and differences, understanding complex feelings, understanding different perspectives, and conversation and compliments. Fifth grade student topics focused on empathy and respect, listening with attention, being assertive, predicting feelings, and taking others’ perspective.


Please see reflections from all grades here.

Little Free Library

We encourage you to use the Little Free Library located near the school garden. Feel free to take a book or two to read at any time - you don’t even need to bring them back! You are also welcome to leave books in the library for others to use. 


The library is available for anyone to use, even if they are not currently connected to Cornwall School, so please encourage friends to stop by and check out the books as well.

School Library Books

Please gather up any library books during breaks so that they can be returned or renewed in the New Year! 


For pictures of buddy classes creating structures out of newspaper and making winter crafts, and for pictures of Guidance lessons, please take a peek at the Photos of the Week!


Important Dates

12/23/21-12/31/21      Winter break

1/3/2022                        School resumes

1/17/22-1/18/22          No school