11/12/21 Cornwall News

Posted by Heather Raabe on 11/12/2021

Hello Cornwall families,


First, I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to all of you for supporting the students and all the teachers and staff here at school. Thank you for the encouragement you provide for all of us!


Seeking Advisory Members

ACSD seeks Community Advisory Members for our next Strategic Plan! A Strategic Plan is a chance for a school district to name priorities, make value statements, and be accountable to the community. ACSD is working to understand equity issues, identify inequities within our district, and make equity-informed decisions that meet the needs of our entire community. 


The committee will have 13 members. Particular attention will be given to selecting members who hold underrepresented identities.


Members will include: 3 students, 2 parents/caregivers, 2 educators/staff, 4 community members at-large, 1 principal and the Director of Equity and Student Services. We anticipate about 10 meetings (some in person/some by zoom) over a 12 month period and a financial stipend will be offered to each participant to support attending. Every effort will be made to support language and accessibility.


Applications are due by Monday Nov 29th at 9am. To apply, visit https://www.acsdvt.org/Page/6561, find a link to the application form HERE or contact Emily Blistein eblistein@acsdvt.org 802-382-1183. 

Health and Safety update from Kelly Landwehr

Please take a look at this week's health and safety update.

Thanksgiving boxes from HOPE

THANKSGIVING Food boxes, containing turkeys and other ingredients, packed according to family choice and size, are available for anyone up to 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Families should call HOPE 802-388-3608 to register. HOPE will be distributing boxes for Thanksgiving beginning on Wednesday, November 17.

Boxes can be picked up between 9 and 3. They will also be open on Saturday the 20th from 10 – noon.



Class Highlight - Art

Following our heART-

“First I’m going to choose the most powerful tool in the world...a pencil.”

-Quote from a 5th grade learner


In art classes this year, we have all been practicing to be open minded thinkers in order to communicate our personal voices through visual art processes.


Currently fifth graders are each identifying character traits in order to create a new species that represents their spirit animal. We definitely have some interesting combinations emerging!


Third and fourth grades are working on compositions which map out the many layers of Earth beneath us, inspired by their classroom studies. We read the book “What’s Under the Bed” which helped to spark some ideas.





Kindergarten, first and second grades have been exploring the concept of patterns in a variety of ways. We have discussed what a pattern is and different places where we can find patterns in art, in music, in math...so many ways!




There is so much creativity and originality that shines from our kids at Cornwall!


Lost and Found

We have a lot of articles of clothing in Lost and Found, some of which might be from last year!

Next week, from Monday through Friday, items will be on tables in front of the school. Please come by to see if any of it belongs to your family.  At the end of the school day Friday, any remaining items will be brought inside.


Important Dates

11/22/21 - 11/26/21 No school, Thanksgiving break


Have a great weekend,