10/29/21 Cornwall News

Posted by Heather Raabe on 10/29/2021

Hello Cornwall families


Thank you to everyone who helped make Harvest Fest possible this week! That includes the teachers and staff, Laurie and Chef Dan, families who helped gather and purchase supplies, families who leant or donated materials, and volunteers who helped set up. Especially considering the cold rainy weather we had to start the week, we had fantastic weather for our outdoor celebration!


Health and Safety update from Kelly Landwehr

Please take a look at this week's health and safety update


Winter Survey

From Nurse Gina - please complete this survey regarding winter gear.


Bus Expectations

If your child rides the bus, please take a moment to review bus expectations with them.

In school, bus expectations have been discussed in each classroom, with buddy classrooms, and outdoors with the bus drivers. Unfortunately, we are still experiencing some unexpected behaviors and are hopeful that review from home in addition to review at school will help.

As stated in the handbook, here are Betcha Transit’s bus rules:

  • Remain seated, with your seat belt fastened, while the bus is moving
  • Obey the driver’s requests
  • Speak respectfully to others at an acceptable volume
  • Board and depart in a safe and orderly manner
  • Keep all body parts in the bus at all times
  • Ask permission before bringing large objects onto the bus
  • Place trash in appropriate containers
  • No eating on the bus


In school we frequently talk about expectations in the context of “Take care of yourself, take care of others, and take care of the environment.” Each of Betcha’s rules can be discussed through this lens as well. We will continue to talk about them at school as well.

Thank you!


Class Highlight - First Grade

As part of our How We Organize Ourselves unit, Kindergarten has been discussing the learner attributes of being Principled, Caring, and Open Minded! 

We’ve talked about how to help create an environment that helps us get our responsibilities taken care of, lets everyone do their learning, and helps everyone feel safe and respected at school. This is our first unit of the year and is a longer one because the learning done in this unit helps us to establish a strong class culture.



Kinders showing what it looks like to be principled at calendar time


PLAY! We have been learning through play every morning! During this time, we learn to solve problems, be open minded and listen to the ideas of others, assert ourselves, and explore learning about individual interests!

Recently, the children have become excited about a story called, The Leaf Men by William Joyce.  They have taken interest in creating artistic renditions of the Spider Queen and the Leaf Men characters.  The children love to color and draw, create different play situations in the house-keeping area, and build with blocks, legos and k-nex.  They have come up with lots of different imaginative games and have had to find ways to honor the ideas of others, negotiate for what they want, and decide when to follow along, lead, or change their activity





Math: Kindergarten is focused on understanding ten-frames as a tool, recognizing and making patterns, creating combinations to make 5 and 10, writing numerals 1-5, and working with a partner in Work Places to practice and solidify skills.




Reading: The children have been deeply exploring letters and the sounds they represent.  They work to learn how the letters are written. The group practices names and sounds of letters through activities and games, in the whole group and in small groups.  We have started to practice reading to a partner with our letter books!




Harvest Festival

Kindergarten has been preparing pumpkins for the traditional pumpkin bread share for our Harvest Festival! Last year the first graders (as Kinders) planted the pumpkins. This year, the new Kindergarten students will make them into pumpkin bread!




A Celebration!

 The learner attribute that we have spent the most time learning about has been that of being a CARING learner. We’ve talked about different ways to show caring and discussed the feelings that we help others to feel when we do caring things.  Our WARM FUZZY activity was a challenge to have children notice and share about when someone did something caring for or with them! We call it the WARM FUZZY challenge because the feeling you get is all warm and fuzzy inside. We used pom poms to represent our feelings and had different times during the day when we shared caring things that had been done for us. Then the children delivered the pom pom to the person who had been caring and used words to tell them of their appreciation for the action.  Warm fuzzies included inviting someone to play, helping someone when they needed help with an activity, helping someone when they were hurt, checking in on a friend who looked sad, including and welcoming others when they asked to play, honoring the ideas of others during play, helping pick up spills, and more!




Important Dates

11/3/21 Picture Day

11/5/21 No school, Parent-Teacher conferences

11/10/21 Early release day; school dismisses at 1:05pm

11/22/21 - 11/26/21 No school, Thanksgiving break