June Communique

Posted by Peter Burrows on 6/1/2020

Standing Up in Vermont

As we encounter yet another incident of violence against people of color in our country, it's critical that we, as a community, renew our stance against racism, discrimination, and hatred. The deep-rooted racism and harm that communities of color are experiencing is a call to action to move beyond accepting things as they are and have been, and to work harder to dismantle the institutional, societal, and structural barriers that continue to perpetuate racism, bias, and discrimination.

In a largely white community that can at times feel isolated from the rest of the world, we need to reaffirm that working harder to fight racism can't fall by default to our community members of color or be impacted by the thinking that racism is an issue only in larger, more diverse cities. This work is critical here and must be carried by all of us. It needs to be rooted in our continued work to understand privilege and implicit bias. And it needs to be led by each one of us.

I know our staff are engaged in helping our students, now remotely, in understanding the world around them. If any students are needing additional support, please reach out to your principal for resources. The American Psychological Association has excellent resources on talking with children about racism, which can be found here.

Giving our students voice to help us better understand how to continue to address racism, bias, and discrimination is essential. This spring, the ACSD Student Equity Team was formed, with the aim of empowering students to lead equity work at the district and school levels. As we work through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our community, we know that we must make students a forever-central part of our work to address inequities.

I stand by all of you in stating that we must strive to do more and do better for every member of our community. 


ACSD Retiree Celebration
On June 9, we'll be celebrating the service and impact of our ACSD retirees. This will be the third year that we've celebrated our retirees as a district. The district celebration honors those that have taught in ACSD for 15 or more years. 

This year's celebration is a bit different than normal, as we are going to be going virtual. We'll be posting a link on our website in the next week with information on how to attend and how to be a part of the celebration in sharing thoughts and thanks for specific retirees.

Name Position School YOS
Atwood, Tamara Paraprofessional Shoreham 27
Crosby, Patti Classroom Teacher MHS 20
Lawson, William Principal MUHS 25
Murawski, Jeffrey School Counselor BCS/MUMS 31
Ruffa, Jill Paraprofessional Bridport 21
Dodson, Julie Faculty Secretary MUHS 17
Harder, Leigh Classroom Teacher/Interventionist Weybridge/
Herrick, Robin Interventionist Bridport 17
Kallen, Susan Administrative Assistant MHS 15
Lessing, Perry Mathematics Teacher MUHS 19



ACSD Recovery Plan 

To prepare for a re-introduction to school in the fall and plan for the many aspects of our learning system that could be impacted by COVID-19 health guidelines, we are creating an ACSD Recovery Plan. This plan, led by an ACSD Recovery Planning Team and four Action Teams, will organize our response to the fall to be prepared to meet the needs of our school community in the different potential phases of learning we'll encounter.

Please go here to access an outline of the ACSD Recovery Plan. To apply to be on an Action Team, please fill out an application here. The Action Teams will be working throughout the summer, and information on timelines and specifics will be shared once teams have been set.