April Communque

Posted by Peter Burrows on 4/2/2020

Rising to Meet the Challenges
I can't start this communication without acknowledging the incredible work that all ACSD educators are doing to continue to serve our students and communities. These are unprecedented times, and we are being called on to change and adapt in ways we could never have imagined. I have heard from many community members about how, given these incredibly extenuating circumstances, educators have stepped up to provide food service, connect with students and families, keep our buildings and operations afloat, and work together to take care of those in need. 

In our second full week of closure, I see our systems starting to coalesce. Work at both the building and district level has been focused on setting up the pathways and protocols for remote learning, and it's clear that we have answered many of the questions we had last week about how we will connect with students, how we will cover material, and when new learning will occur. I have been meeting virtually with superintendents daily to learn of their progress and to work together across regions to make statewide decisions on many of the components of extended school closure. If you are struggling with something and wonder how others are confronting specific challenges, please reach out to your principal, who can share those queries with me as we respond to the evolving landscape of COVID-19.

April Break
April Break is happening! We have been awaiting guidance from the state regarding April Break, and we just heard that schools will follow the calendars as set forth at the beginning of the year. We expect to receive AOE guidance on meal service and parameters during break within the next week. 

Looking Ahead
The Governor has set the time period of April 6-13 as the start of the next phase of our learning journey. As we near this next phase, we still have more work to do over the next weeks, and we are right where we need to be. Both locally and statewide, questions still remain around how we reach all students remotely, what assessment looks like across all grade levels, and how we honor those graduating this year (both students and staff). Our understanding continues to evolve, and I appreciate the level and clarity of communication I've seen throughout the past two weeks which has brought a degree of calm and a clear vision of where we are headed together.

Seeking Balance
Remember to take time to seek balance, take care of family and friends, and take a break from screens and the media. There's a lot of intensity in our world right now, and finding time to be reflective is really important.

Thanks for everything you do.