March Co-chair Update + Opportunities to Engage

Posted by Emily Blistein on 3/15/2022 10:00:00 AM

Dear ACSD Community, 

Last month, we introduced ourselves and the ACSD Advisory Committee's work. As our committee work continues, we will provide updates by email and on our webpageThe focus of the Advisory Committee's work is to gather and understand the views within our district about areas ACSD should prioritize in its upcoming strategic plan. 

Opportunities to engage:

We welcome all staff, caregivers, and students community members to share their thoughts with us about how ACSD is doing creating a welcoming and inclusive environment: What is working well? What could we improve? What should we prioritize? Our work will conclude with recommendations to the school board as they begin our next strategic plan. We hope to hear from many members of our ACSD community. The equity survey was one way the district is gathering data. You can also:

  • Share your perspective and experiences in this new community feedback form. Responses will be anonymously shared with the advisory committee. 
  • We will have small group and one-on-one discussions to hear directly from you. We are prioritizing outreach to traditionally underrepresented voices, but welcome an invitation to speak with any group or individual. Contact Emily ( 802-382-1183) to set up a meeting for you or a group you represent.

Committee updates: 

  • We held our third meeting in March just after the district-wide equity survey concluded.
  • At this meeting we worked to finalize our definition of equity. The definition will be used as a guide when looking at data from the equity survey and other data and feedback from our ACSD community. 
  • The committee also reviewed the raw data from the February survey. The group organized into four small groups to look at four main areas over the next two months: academic environment, social environment, staff perceptions and district engagement and outreach. The small groups will identify additional information needed to fully examine these topics and lead the full committee in a discussion on each topic. 
  • The committee also developed a graphic to illustrate its work over the next three months. View the graphic in English or Spanish

Upcoming meetings and topics: All meetings will take place at 208 Charles Ave in Middlebury.

  • April 4th, 6:30-8pm  - 2 topics: staff perceptions on equity work and district engagement and outreach with the school community. 
  • May 2th, 6:30-8pm - academic environment.
  • May 16th, 6:30-8pm - social environment. 

Thank you and take care,

Esther Thomas & Amanda Gomes (MUHS ‘23)
ACSD Advisory Committee Co-Chairs