ACSD Strategic Planning Advisory Committee

ACSD Strategic Plan 2022-2023 Overview

The Addison Central School District (ACSD) is currently designing a new, equity-informed strategic plan that will prioritize the success of every student. There are many opportunities for students, families, staff, and community members (stakeholders) to help shape the direction of a strategic plan.  The timeline below is an overview of the process so far. It also includes upcoming opportunities for stakeholders to offer feedback and expertise.


Phase 1 (December 2021-August 2022)

  • In December 2021, ACSD formed an Advisory Committee composed of diverse community stakeholders to serve as advisors to the board and begin the work of engaging with the community. 

    • They met from December 2021 - June 2022 to gather and analyze data about inequities in ACSD’s academic and social emotional environment, staff and community experiences and engagement. You can learn more about the Advisory Committee and read their meeting minutes here.

    • You can read past updates and opportunities for community engagement that their Co-Chairs, Esther Charlestin and Amanda Gomes, sent throughout the process to the ACSD community here.

  • In 2022, ACSD held an online school community diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) survey and conducted an analysis of annual student data points collected by the district. 

  • Additional outreach included an open-ended survey and one-on-one conversations.

  • The advisory committee finished its work in the summer of 2022. At the September 12 Board retreat, Amanda Gomes, Co-Chair and student representative to the Advisory Committee presented a summary of the Strategic Planning Advisory Committee's work around the District's equity audit findings, and the Committee's final report and  recommendations for incorporating equity into the Board's Strategic Planning Goals. Here are the 4 recommendations: 

    • Prioritize social emotional needs of students and the entire school community.
    • Dedicate permanent resources, staffing and attention to equity work throughout the district.
    • Develop and implement an equity based rubric to help inform decision making and evaluation of programs and practices.
    • Provide leadership that is accountable and centers responsive practices to recruit, support, and retain staff that reflects the diversity of our school community and focuses on the needs of our learners.
    • Work to ensure communication is concise and accessible so that all students, families and staff have the information they need to succeed.


Phase 2 (August-November 2022) 

  • Building on the work of the Advisory Committee, the ACSD Board

    • Began work at the September 12, 2022 Board Retreat with the presentation from the Advisory Committee Co-Chair. You can find the board minutes for the September 12, 2022 Board meeting HERE (approved on 9/26/22) and/or watch the full School Board Retreat HERE.  

    • Between September 12 and October 10th the board also created a working group to formalize, organize, edit, and finalize wording between School Board meetings.

    • You can find the September 26 School Board meeting minutes HERE (approved 10/10/22) and recording HERE

    • You can find the October 10th School Board meeting minutes HERE (approved 10/24/22) and recording HERE (Discussion begins at hour 1:07)

  • The conclusion of the board's work resulted in core values and belief statements, a refined definition of "equity," a revision to its mission and vision statements, theory of action statements, and the development of 3 primary goals to guide the strategic plan. The three goals are below, the full components can be viewed here.
    • Everyone will feel safe, welcomed, and included in our schools and the district. Students and families will be able to engage with the school system in valuable ways.

    • ACSD will allocate resources to address students’ needs across the district in equitable, sustainable, and fiscally responsible ways. ACSD will maintain infrastructure and facilities that support varied learning and successful outcomes for all of our students.

    • ACSD’s learning environment will inspire a passion for learning and value diverse identities and abilities, while preparing our students to make positive contributions to the community and beyond. 

  • The ACSD School Board will convene the community in Nov/Dec 2022 to present the work to date and provide opportunity for feedback and ideas for moving forward. 

Phase 3 (December 2022 - Spring 2023) 

  • ACSD will convene a Strategic Planning Action Team through an open application process. The team will be  composed of staff and school community members who have  expertise and experience with the goals set by the Board. They will develop measurable outcomes, strategies, tasks, and timelines. 

  • The Action Team will explore opportunities for community engagement such as: stakeholder meetings, forums, and open ended surveys. These opportunities will be advertised in district monthly newsletters, principal weekly emails, and on the district website and social media.

  • ACSD will share the results of the team’s work with the community in the early 2023 spring for further community feedback.

Phase 4 (Spring 2023-June 2023) 

  • The Action Team will bring all of the pieces of work together to create a written strategic plan and define a method of assessing progress each year. 

  • The ACSD board will approve the final plan in the spring of 2023.