March 26, 2021

Posted by Andrew Conforti on 3/26/2021 8:00:00 AM


Welcoming the 6th Grade to MUMS
Our Transition to a 6 - 8th Grade Learning Community!


Dear ACSD Community,

Happy Spring!  We appreciate the feedback we received in our MUMS Transition questionnaire.  Many of the answers to questions we received have been addressed in this newsletter and we will continue to address your questions and concerns in future communications.  It is not too late to send us your questions, the questionnaire is still open and we would like to hear from you.  

We look forward to meeting with parents of incoming MUMS students during the Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, March 30 from 5 - 6 pm via this zoom link.  This is an opportunity for all families to learn more about MUMS classes, schedule, sports, after-school activities and more!  We will also have the opportunity to address your questions.

Best Regards,

Andrew Conforti            
MUMS Interim Principal    


2021-2022 School Year


Language and Literature
6th - Eileen Sears
7th - Sandy Celauro
8th - Martha Santa Maria

6th - Jennifer Billings
7th - Jan Broderson
8th - Alison McNamara

Individuals and Societies
6th - Darcy Annino
7th - Sara Nadeau
8th - Brian Lisko

6th - Amie McCarthy
7th - Katie McDougall
8th - Janelle Perry-Askew

Wellness (PE and Health)
6th - Kristen Carra
7th - Isabel Gogarty
8th - Justin Martelle

Special Education
Cassie Santo
6th - JT Henley
7th - Jim Robinette
8th - TBH*

Language Acquisition (World Language)
6th - Constanza Mosquera
7th - Laura Hall
8th - Denise Berube-Mayone

6th - Illana Brett  
7th - Darcey Wijsenbeek
8th - Lauren Daley
Lisa Maggio

Rob DeBruyn

Randy Barnes

Media Specialist
Katie Ford

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Coach
Liam Battjes

Literacy Interventionists
Barbie Collette
Dana Cray

Math Specialists
Paul Cherrier

Alex Nicosia
Whitney Barber
Wendy Brouillard
Stacy James
Helyn Anderson
Gretchen Cole
Phoebe de Noronha

*TBH - To Be Hired



A few highlights on MUMS Classes Next Year

We will have one team of teachers for each grade. 

MUMS students will have the same team of teachers for 6th and 7th grade, the teachers will loop with their classes.

6th grade students will take both Spanish and French.  At the end of 6th grade, students will commit to one language and will continue studies in this language through 10th grade (or beyond, if they so choose).

All MUMS students will rotate through Art, General Music, and Design classes taking one class per trimester each year.

We are in the process of hiring staff to fill a few more MUMS staff positions for next year.  We will update this document with up to date staffing information as it becomes available.

We will be sharing more details about MUMS classes in future communications!




With inquiry at the core, the Science Department aims to guide you to independently and collaboratively investigate real world issues through research, observation and investigation. In science class, you will ask questions, solve problems, construct explanations, design and perform investigations, and evaluate evidence to make data-driven conclusions. 

During your time at MUMS, you will engage in many investigations that help you better understand the amazing world around you. Some of these explorations include designing solutions for reducing impacts from human activities on the environment, analyzing data on bee traits to increase honey and fruit production, and evaluating your dream car based on safety, performance, and environmental impact. 



MUMS Staff Members


Amie McCarthy
6th Grade Science

I have been a Science teacher at MUMS for almost 6 years now. 

Next year I am really excited to incorporate living models of different biomes into the Ecology unit. We will use these models and complete many hands-on activities and investigations to explore ecological concepts, learn how humans have impacted the environment, and how humans can help to reduce these negative impacts on the environment at both a local and global scale.

I am very much looking forward to meeting all of the incoming 6th and 7th grade MUMS students as well as welcoming back the 8th grade students! The Science teachers at MUMS have so many exciting hands-on learning activities planned for each grade level!   


Katie McDougall
7th Grade Science


I have been a Science teacher at MUMS for 7 years now. I coach the girls basketball teams (& sometimes a girls soccer team) and help lead our MUMS compost club.

Next year I am really excited to reframe our matter units to include applying chemistry to real world applications in materials science. Our 7th graders will also be exploring heredity and the impacts genetics has on the declining bee populations and therefore honey and fruit production.

In the fall, I am excited to welcome back our 8th grade students, and meet all of our new 6th and 7th graders, as our MUMS community continues to grow!


Janelle Perry-Askew
8th Grade Science

This is my 25th year of teaching 7th and 8th grade science at MUMS!  I am fortunate that I get to share my passion for science with middle school students.  I am looking forward to building new relationships with kids this new school year and sharing my nerdy science jokes with them.  I am excited to help students continue building a foundation of science knowledge and inquiry skills that look at how and why things work they way they do in the world around them so that they can apply this knowledge to their every day lives and make good decisions.  

To our returning students, you rock!  You did such a great job with PRIDE (positive attitude, respect, integrity, dynamic behavior, and empathy) in this most challenging of times.  It's you who makes MUMS such a wonderful community of learning.  I will be teaching you physical science and I will make sure the "force is with you!"  To our new incoming students, a BIG WELCOME!  You are going to have fun making new friends and learning new things.   


Gretchen Cole

Next year will be my 4th year at MUMS. I have been a Paraeducator for 14 years, including 10 years at Mount Abe in Bristol. I am excited to welcome 6th Graders to our MUMS community. I look forward to a safe and lively year!

Stacy James

I have been a paraeducator at MUMS for 8 years now and before coming here I did childcare in my home for 19 years. I am excited about the sixth graders joining us next year and having new team names! Looking forward to seeing our returning students as well as meeting new ones too!


Whitney Barber

I have been at MUMS since 2006 as a paraeducator. I am so excited to be welcoming the 6th graders to our school, as well as hopefully returning to a regular school schedule. Let’s make it the best year ever!

Phoebe de Noronha

I have been working at MUMS for three years. My first year was as a student teacher getting my license to teach Art and Theater. My second and third year have been working as the assistant to the SEL leader in Zone 109. One of the things I'm most excited for in the 21-22 school year is the opportunity to grow as a community and focus on our social and emotional wellbeing.


Alexander Nicosia

This will be my fourth year being a Paraeducator at MUMS in the Addison Central School District.  I was a substitute teacher in ACSD for two years prior and have been teaching Theater and Acting in Vermont for a total of 6 years now. I am looking forward to new adventures after this pandemic is over when life can get back to normal. 

I am extremely excited to meet and get to know the new students arriving at MUMS. New MUMS students, just remember during your time here at the Middle School: "Little by little one walks far." - Peruvian Proverb

Wendy Brouillard

I have been working in the ACSD district for over 30 years, I have played many roles during this time. I began working here as a one on one paraeducator, worked in a diverse classroom, and I was also a classroom paraeducator. My current role is a classroom paraeducator on the Paragon Team.

I am excited to be welcoming the new sixth graders to MUMS as I feel its going to be a challenge for some, but it will be exciting to be a part of the new change to the MUMS community. Welcome sixth graders!



MUMS Town Meeting

March 30th
5:00 - 6:00 pm

Learn more about MUMS next year

Rising 6th, 7th, and 8th grade families are welcome to join

Principal Michael Dudek will also be joining us to introduce himself and say hello


Please join us by following this Zoom link.



MUMS Grade Level Team Names


MUMS Student Ambassadors have been surveying MUMS students and ACSD 5th and 6th graders to help name our 6th, 7th, and 8th grade teams as we will be retiring our current team names at the end of this school year (Mosaic, Ohana, Paragon, and Phoenix).   So far, places around the world, constellations, and trees are the top three choices for themes.  Once students have decided on the theme the team name development will be going to teachers to consider team names. This has been a lot of fun!


Frequently Asked Questions


What time is drop off and pick up?

Students arrive between 8:00 and 8:15 am.  Dismissal is at 3:15 pm.

What are the teaching certification implications of moving the 6th grade to MUMS?

6th graders at MUMS will have a team of teachers with a different teacher for each subject area.  All 6th grade teachers at MUMS will be licenced in appropriate grade level/subject areas. 

Will our family be able to take an in-person tour of MUMS? 

We are hopeful that as the COVID guidance changes, we will be able to have families visit our building.  We will keep you posted.

Will MUMS return to full time classes in the fall?

We certainly hope so!  Ultimately, we have to follow state guidelines, but from what we know, things look promising for us to be able to return to fully in-person classes this coming fall or before!


MUMS Questionnaire

The MUMS Questionnaire is still open.  If you haven't already done so, please take a few minutes to complete this questionnaire to help us better understand your questions and what information would be helpful to include in upcoming transition communications.