June 4-7 review

Posted by Nancy Wollum on 6/6/2021

Hello Families!

Review of week 6/1-4:

MATH: we are finishing the year with money and buying from the Toy Store.  It has been fun and the kids ask for more.  An important introduction this week has been in how to make change to $1.00; we are using coins to count forward and number lines to help.


WORD WORK:  We have finished our syllables and word parts and taken a final quiz. Your student should have brought that home Friday.  Some are continuing to work on finishing their narratives, some are working on plant and animal haikus, and a few have started their personal similie prose. We will use this prose for our final tech. training time with Ms. Abby this week.


GUIDED READING: Groups are still going strong, imbedding strategies and techniques for decoding, fluency, and comprehension; hopefully your student can engage with these strategies during their independent reading time for continued personal growth.  


IB UNIT:  HOW WE EXPRESS OURSELVES: This week our focus was on the form and function of plants: what plant parts do, how plants survive and reproduce.  After learning about the value and function of pollination, we dissected a variety  of flowers and discovered the unique ways each flower encourages a polinator visit and found the unique shapes of each flower's pistil and stamen.  This week we will be finishing with biomimicry and reflecting on our unit.


In 2nd grade, we are working on gift giving...the intangible kind:  how giving and getting gifts of time, kind words, support, throughful & helpful actions, and empathy make us feel. Students are nominating others (anonymously) for a 'gift' they saw or 'were given' and we are posting little gift icons  outside our door to show all the giving we are doing.  We will continue this focusing on intangible gift giving this week.