May 17-21

Posted by Nancy Wollum on 5/23/2021

Hello All!

HOT and busy week. For focus, productivity and most importantly, health and comfort, water bottles are an essential daily tool to have in class. Please let me know if I should provide one for your student.


MATH: VERY productive small group fraction work all week and a fun game with fractions on Friday...many students took the game home to play with you.  I hope you enjoyed it!  


WORD WORK: We have completed the 2nd grade Fundations expectations for the year!  Along with the the review of 1st grade and new lessons from the final months of 1st grade, we have accomplished a LOT. As a class we celebrate daily the growth we see in our decoding, fluency, and spelling skills.

      Now we will be spending time with syllabication which really helps with decoding and spelling!  HAIKU poems are a new and fun way to practice understanding syllables and developing our vocabulary; it is surprisingly challenging brain work to find 17 syllables in the right order to fully and creatively express a complete idea with feeling!  Memorial Day poems is our current project; animal and plant adaptations are on deck.

    Our narratives are finishing up; we have been applying our new store of knowledge in adjectives, adverbs, exciting verbs, and complete sentences to improve our expression in an original story.  Patience with drafts, editing, and revising is a new, challenging learning process and will continue to be more and more important as time goes on.

IB - How We Express Ourselves:  this 2nd grade unit is primarily about plant adaptations, survival, and reproduction.  However, as the 1st grade animal adaptation unit was lost due to Covid last year, we will be doing a bit of that as well; we have visitors coming this week to share their knowledge on bird-part form and function! As this unit is titled ' ourselves...', our work has an important personal expression and design component as well.


APPROACHES TO LEARNING (ATLs): As a class, we are working on problem solving that can impact and improve our work and time together.  We had a very successful 'problem solve' last week: relearning how to line up in a timely and quiet way.  We talked it though, decided together on a reasonable expectation, and the rewards to achieving those expectations.  The kids are really proud of how they designed clear and specific goals so at the end of the day we could gauge our achievements! I hope your student will explain our problem solving process to you and how we are solving the line-up challenge.


Independence and responsibility to our own learning is also a priority ATL theme right now.  Friday Fun is the reward for thinking ahead and learning to use time wisely in class to achieve a short term (one week) goal of extra time outside on Fridays.  The great thing about this short goal is that we all get to start fresh every Monday! Most work assigned in class is meant to be completed in class; if a student is using the daily independent work time provided  (usually anywhere from 40-60+ minutes a day) in a productive way, all daily work should be able to be completed without work to take home. However, if time was perhaps not used well, students have the choice to take a little catch up work home to guarentee that Friday Fun.  Many students are finding their focus and attention to work completion improves when their efforts are directed toward a positive consequence that they can earn. EXCEPTION: Guided Reading assignments are nightly expectations so students can develop fluency and keep up with their reading group; reading expectations should be about 30 minutes per night.


It is not too late to make changes in your child's classroom support at school; please contact me with any ideas, suggestions, or concerns that we can work through together for perhaps a better learning experience for your student.


Thank you for any and all communications!