Posted by Nancy Wollum on 5/8/2021

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your appreciations this Teacher Appreciation Week;  it means a lot to me! Your students had thoughtful and kind words to all of their adult supporters in school and I know those words and thoughts mean as much to others as they do to me!

IB:  We have finished and organized our work history of HOW THE WORLD WORKS.  Once put together, your students marveled at what and how much they learned!  This will be coming home soon.  Please particularly note the last pages: the reflection and action.  These are key and essential parts to IB; students will be reflecting on Learner Profile, Approaches to Learning, and Action Steps for every unit in every grade...this year is just their first formal exposure to it. This reflection process is the beginning of recognizing who we are as learners, our own strengths, and our own needs. The inventions are fascinating, original, and thoughtful.  I hope you can encourage your student to explain theirs to you!


MATH:  More measuring this week with our centimeter 'ants'; extended learning with 'meter' and 'decimeter'.  Number corner is an interesting mix of an introduction to division in sharing, grouping, connection to multiplication, and array models. This is very new and challenging; it requires focused attention while we work on these ideas together in class. Your kids have done GREAT! There will be much more of in years to come; this is only the introducing of these concepts.  Students continue to work on their fluency with addition and subtraction and in assessing, underestanding, and modeling with word problems.  Their growth in independence here is astounding!


READING:  I hope your students have found much more time to read at home; it is the most important practice activity your child can do to see growth in every area and to increase confidence in their learning abilities. This year students have shown tremedous growth particularly in reading directions; they can do this mostly independently now and they know their strategies: reread and reread, underline key information, ask questions if support is needed in decoding or understanding a word!


WRITING:  We have finished this two-week spelling cycle and will start our final (WOW!) cycle this coming week.  We have worked on personal pronouns, reflexive pronouns, and subject/object/possessive pronouns.  We are well on our way to finishing our original narratives; all have moved from the planning process to the writing process and several are already editing, revising, and improving - using adjectives, adverbs, and more interesting verbs to enhance their expression. Completion may take another couple weeks. 


Please call or email with any thoughts you might have;  we can fix things that need fixing, together! You might have noticed changes in classroom procedures throughout this year as  adaptions from your suggestions were made - thank you for your communications! Changes in procedures are also due to your students' growth! They have earned a new level of independence and decision making in their days now; they are showing understanding of their personal connection to their own success and to  the success of our whole classroom community.  It makes all that we do that much more fun and exciting!