Closing April 2021

Posted by Nancy Wollum on 5/1/2021

Hello everyone!

This is our last week of April -  this class has 6 weeks of 2nd grade remaining. It is a marvel to see how much growth has happened this year, particularly in reading, writing skills and stamina, and in their classroom participation and responsibility to learning. Even the children see it in themselves when they see their successes and remember how their skills were so different in Oct. 

MATH: We are immersed in learning about different ways to measure the same thing; earlier in the year we worked in customary increments, now we are involved in metric scale.  We have been practicing in centimeter and meter lengths, and learned how base ten supports the metric system. We have learned how to use a line graph  to see changes in our April school-day temperatures and compared Fahrenheit and Celsius measurements. We also have a used a bar graph to compare our physical weather differences.  Below we are working on using meter sticks for measuring.



New IXL charts have been distributed; IXL is not required but it REALLY can support foundational learning in our units.  Please check out MATH - level C, Modules P1, P7-16 for extended learning with measurements.

READING/WRITING - We continue with our leveled reading groups exploring the 5 W's (who what when where why) in fiction and nonfiction. Our writing is an original narrative using story arc preparation. Our grammar work was in reflexive pronouns; we will move on to possessive pronouns this week.

IB - HOW THE WORLD WORKS - We continue to explore the the amazing qualities of water, this week featuring the heating/cooling cycles in our world. We will finish the unit this coming week with exlorations of how we use water in our technologies that can improve our lives.  Ask your child about the Fog Catcher and the innovative guy who solved his Peruvian village's water problem with this clever invention!

Problem solving is a major theme in our classroom now.  How can I solve this problem I have with ________(fill in the blank: math, 'a person', my work habits, my attitude, my time use,  organization, etc.). After trying to solve any problem first on my own and realizing I may need help, I then can consider when/how can I get help and from who?

For some, learning to tie (esp. shoes) is an important problem to solve. I created a tying practice device (see below) where students can practice tying and solve this problem themselves.  Ask your child if they have been practicing.  shoes

Friday Fun is a huge success in supporting students' independent decision making and learning to manage their own time in their busy days.  It also is a mechanism that introduces consequences (positive and negative) to choices made during the week. I hope you have noticed that there are now only suggestions for homework (reading remains a daily expectation); all work assigned can be completed in school if using time wisely (this week alone students had over 115 minutes of independent choice time for work completion). This week 2/3 of this class was ready for Friday Fun by lunch time and 1/3 was ready for Friday Fun by 7:45!  That's a lot of earned free time on Friday and students are thrilled with themselves when they earn F.F. with their choices. This week students set personal goals for themselves on how they can achieve F.F. in the coming week.  Some student suggestions were stay focused in the provided work time, pay attention to lessons so work is easier, take one page of work home per night, try to catch up on Wed. afternoons.  Those are some terrific suggestions!

Please let me know how things are going; changes can happen for your student's school experience if we work together on where you see challenges!  Studies have shown that good habits (habit being an internalized routine) can be created in just 6 weeks!