Spring Break upon us!

Posted by Nancy Wollum on 4/17/2021

Hello 2nd Grade Families,

We've had a very busy week; the kids have loads of energy with spring break on their minds!  It has been wonderful being able to take frequent outdoor breaks in the beautiful spring sunshine. 


When leaving on Friday, I asked each student about their plans for break and ALL of them said they would be reading a lot! HOW exciting to hear! I shared with them this week that although the practicing required in learning to read might sometimes feel hard and tedious, it is THE most important thing they can learn to do well.  Like all things we do well, it takes practice to get to feeling successful.  But there will be a moment when you start reading something and your mom or dad will call you for dinner and you realize the whole afternoon has slipped away inside of your book.  THAT is when the joy of reading happens; it is probably a memory moment we all have from our past...the first book that took us to another place or time!  I wish that for all of my students and work toward that goal for them every day.  Practicing reading over spring break should be fun and easy and a source of pride for your child. There may not be much traveling this year again, but I hope they have lots of good reading material to take them away on spring break!


WORD WORK:  We have finished another cycle of reading and spelling words that have commonalities...in this case, words that have the ou/ow vowel teams; our new cycle will start after break. We began working with personal pronouns, and will continue, on our return, with possessive and reflexive pronouns.  We are starting to write original narratives;  we are taking it slow so all students can develop their stories using the story building tools we have been working with: story arc maps and those wonderful adverbs and adjectives that give sparkle to a story.  


MATH: Students have a warm up math exercise every morning that reviews fact and computational fluency in an assortment of ways.  Most students that arrive by 7:40 have plenty of time to finish that morning's assignment but if not, it can be completed anytime before Friday.  We  continue to work toward greater accuracy and confidence with money computations and large number addition and subtraction using decompostiion and number lines. Some of our activites this week involved connections between repeated addition with multiplication, and how multiplication shows up in our area array models.  We are also spending more time with understanding what a fraction of a whole or a set really means.  We are practicing graphing skills with a line graph for daily temperature (both Fahrenheit and Celsius), and a bar graph charting the weather. (We've nearly worn down our yellow crayons with all our sunny days!)


Our HOW THE WORLD WORKS unit is all about water now.  We've located important water sources on U.S. and world maps and compared that information to population centers.  We also looked at areas of current and future water stress and again made connections to population centers.  We concluded our week with drawing and discussing the water cycle and its value to our lives and our planet.  Ask your student about this! Maybe they would like to show you how we made 'rain' on Friday!


I hope these weekly reviews are helpful and useful toward a better understanding of what we are doing in class. Maybe this review provides some talking points if, when you ask your child, "So what did you do in school today?", they reply "Oh, nothing" or "I don't remember."  Please let me know if this review is helpful or what would make it more helpful.


Have a wonderful spring break!