Committment to Growth

Posted by Nancy Wollum on 4/11/2021

Hello Families of Shoreham 2nd grade:

As many of you know from your student's conference, students are working on identifying successes this year and their goals for "growing" forward.  They seem committed to growth and very willing to make goals toward that end. One goal that came up over and over is READ MORE.  This is so so important; it is in fact, THE one absolute thing your student can do to grow in all content areas.  Read more, practice reading more. Just like basketball free throws or driving a vehicle (or anything that has skill involved...),  it is hard in the beginning, maybe even frustrating but with patience and perseverance, practice WILL makes one better. I hope in these final weeks of 2nd grade, we can all make a strong push to more reading - both at school and at home.

This last week (other than Wednesday afternoon), I sent home ZERO homework.  I am hoping this will free your child up for more reading at home.  Our work is done in class and students need to use their time wisely during the lessons and independent work times to complete the assignments. This means a committment to using their time wisely! Completed assignments for the entire week, are due on Friday. Those with completed assignments for the week, have LOTS of extra outdoor time on Friday and those with incomplete work have time to get those assignments done and get outside! 


Math:  Fractions using WHOLE and SETS; arrays and 'daisy' petals (last month it was snowmen!) to help us understand the repeated addtion in multiplication; metric system in measuring and some statistics (we are graphing this beatiful weather we are having!)


READING: (re: first paragraph) Our guided reading groups continue to focus on main idea with supporting details and writing in that way as well.


WRITING: we are preparing for our narrative writing with study in adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns.  Please Please remind your student (who brought his/her journal home to show you for conferences) to bring it back to school!  We need it for further writing projects.


IB:  How WE Organize Ourselves   We have moved from an introduction to matter to studying water and its uses, value, and properties.  Lots of fun activities with this unit...this week we created a Water Sources Booklet and explored the Shoreham School campus for evidence of water.  One student's comment:  'I've always seen this but I never really looked this closely before.'  We are learning that if we can take some time to pay attention and observe, even to familiar things, new and exciting things will be evident!

I hope this stretch of sunny beautiful weather was just what you needed to rejuvenate and appreciate...It was for me!