Welcome April!

Posted by Nancy Wollum on 4/3/2021

Happy April Everyone!

Many conferences happened this week; strudents involved did an outstanding job of presenting their learning and goals.  As a first time 'student led conference' they really performed well. It was an interesting process reviewing the CCSS(Common Core State Standards) in connection to this presentation, too.  Students came away with a good understanding of how much progress we have made this year and they reflected on their personal growth.  THANK YOU to parents for actively participating in this new activity and THANK YOU for your kind words of encouragement and support!  I am looking forward to the remaining student conferences this Thursday.  Ms Irene wanted to send her thanks to the 2nd grade families for being the FIRST class to fully respond to conference signup! KUDOS!



Daily read-alouds include stories from James Herriot (All Creatures Great And Small) and to welcome April...and baseball season... a reading of - and reflections on - Casey At The Bat. I hope you have enjoyed your student's wonderful creativity with Robin Hood!


We concluded several units this week:  assessments in Math unit 5 and Number Corner concepts #3. Most students took on the learning challenge of drawing 3D shapes and creating with them...VERY POPULAR! If you have not yet seen some of your student's creations, Ask them to show you!


We also finished our How We Organize Ourselves unit with the completion of the final essay on how a product is produced, distributed and traded. Students are in various stages of completion with this; we do need to move on and start our next unit so if your student has not completed their work to their own satisfaction with the expectations of the assignment, they may continue to work on it in their free time and submit it again when they are comfortable with their essay.  However, we will not be dedicating more time to this in class.


All three Guided Reading groups, in one way or another, and with leveled texts, are working on the structure and text clues to understanding  fiction and nonfiction writiing...with a little poetry thrown in! There are several 2nd grade CCSSs that relate to this so it is an important focus for all levels of reading.


As always, please contact me with even the smallest concern or question or suggestion; we can discuss things and together make what we think might be good changes 'for Team [your chlid]'! (And thank you to all who to do this!)