Best Practices for Remote Learning success

Posted by Nancy Wollum on 9/3/2020 8:00:00 AM




Remote learning creates wonderful new learning opportunites and many new challenges.  The challenges can be reduced by using some best practices for learning independently:

1) Have high expectations for your student.  Your student should know that you are expecting the assigned work completed (regardless of where YOU may be) and that you will be checking on their progress when you have time to be together.

2)Celebrate Success.  When your student achieves his/her independent goals, find a mutually agreed upon way to really CELEBRATE this success. Learning remotely is hard work and it is hard to be persistent independently; showing that you know they worked hard to accomplish their goals is important for future success.  NOTE: evaluation of their work is your child's teacher's responsibility; your child's job is to do the work and a home supervisor's job is to be sure your child knows work is expected it to be done.

3)Have a learning space for your child that is free from distractions during their work times where his/her materials can always be found. If there is not a permanent private space, materials can be kept in a 'carry-all' basket or box and moved to  where the child will work.  Organization of work and time is critical to a successful remote learning experience.

4)Communicate regularly with your child's teacher. Everything you share will help your child's teacher do a better job of providing for the specific needs in your child's remote learning experience.



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