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December 8, 2021 Meeting Notes

ACSD Advisory Committee Agenda - December 8, 2021


  • Welcome to all. 
  • Superintendent Burrows offered history of the last strategic plan, appreciation and cooperative ownership of work ahead. 
  • Emma offered logistical information for meeting, an overview of the bi-lingual format interpretive service (use concise and organized thoughts, avoid acronyms (for everyone’s benefit) and idioms (figurative language or phrases, pause when necessary, invite everyone to write/speak in their primary language in activities), auditory tool (share a device when in small groups,, Covid protocols for building/meeting).


  • The group reviewed the set of agreements and had a discussion about shared agreements and noted respecting privacy, but not able to assure confidentiality


    • Forming committee: relationships, logistics, scope of work, clarify role of committee in context of larger strategic planning work
    • Equity survey review
    • Begin equity framework definition 
    • We hope to find a new approach to engaging community, learning and looking for feedback
  • racticing intentionality in design of meetings as extension of work (interpretation, resourcing participants, supporting ability to participate, outreach and selection of folks underrepresented in decision making roles.


  • Name, pronouns (optional), role in the school district/community 
  • Un-Network Intro Activity: Share who you are without naming your professional identity or professional experience in pairs. And partners will introduce their partner to the group. 



  • Discussed the Scope of Work for the committee
  • Authority of committee vs. school board vs. administration 
  • Logistics of stipends - more at January meeting, working to make funds accessible to everyone. Child care available onsite when in person. TBD for virtual meetings
  • Committee decision making process discussion in January and co-chairs in January
  • Writing exercise and discussion: Write down questions, hopes, concerns you have about our work ahead. Read aloud. 



  • No casual or rushed conversations about equity, especially as it relates to racism or racial equity. This creates harm.
  • This is a learning space and we will share resources and readings to create a common starting point and text to draw definitions and inspiration.
  • Definition of Concepts
    -Value: An important concept to the organization that frames the organization’s purpose, work and culture. Think about it as your shared standards you want to inform your work.
    -Principle: A statement that defines how the organization will act and embody a shared value. Foundation for work ahead and informing your internal and external ways of being/operating to achieve goals and meet your vision.
    -Definition: common definition so language, terms understood among everyone

-Framework: Active lens for which you consider issues, discuss and make decisions.

-Be aware of the dangers of politeness (cultural norm for many). Be honest on what you agree with and what you do not agree with. Otherwise a danger of discord within the group and ability to move things forward together.

    • What stands out among the equity definitions?
    • What questions do you have about these terms and ideas? 
    • Gallery walk - members viewed equity definitions from applications - asked to underline or write on sheets VALUES you see reflected. 
    • Break into groups of four - discussion:
    • Report out from each group (1 minute each - 4 groups) (5 minutes)



  • Introduced equity survey concept and timeline
  • This is our opportunity to offer input on information not covered so Hanover can gather that information in other spaces, ex: focus groups or other methods. Survey is only one tool and gives you and idea of their initial approach. Group can review and send feedback.


  • Read notes and equity definitions (Emma to write up small group work, Photos of charts on walls)
  • Read Hanover sample survey and offer feedback by December 15th via new email listserv (so all can see)
  • Check Out Activity 

-How did it go with your group agreement? (in chat)

-What is something that you learned or inspired by another committee member today today?