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Apply to join our ACSD Strategic Plan Advisory Committee

Dear ACSD Community, 


This winter, we will begin our next strategic plan. We are writing today to invite you to apply to be on a new strategic plan advisory committee which will begin meeting in December 2021. 


A strategic plan is a chance for a school district to name priorities, make value statements, and be accountable to the community. In this strategic plan, we will focus on identifying inequities within our district and make equity-informed decisions that meet the needs of our entire community. 


We will work to build an advisory committee that represents the diverse views of our entire district, especially those who are traditionally underrepresented.

  • The committee will have 13 members. 

  • Members will include: 3 students, 2 parents/caregivers, 2 educators/staff, 4 community members at-large, 1 principal and the Director of Equity and Student Services. 

  • Particular attention will be given to selecting members who hold underrepresented identities (ex: Black, Indigenous, people of color, LGBTQ+ folks, people living in poverty, people living with a disability)

  • We anticipate about 10 meetings (some in person/some by zoom) over about 12 months

  • A financial stipend will be offered to each participant to support their attendance

  • Every effort will be made to support language and accessibility

  • We invite you to apply and/or suggest other members in our ACSD community


Applications are due by Monday Nov 29th at 9am. To apply, find the online application HERE  or a printable version HERE. Anyone interested may also contact Emily Blistein 802-382-1183. For more details visit


Further ways to be involved will be shared as the strategic planning process continues.

Thank you for considering this opportunity, 

Peter Burrows
ACSD Superintendent