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Integrated field review

On Thursday, November 15th, Addison Central School District hosted a team of educators from neighboring school systems, along with staff from the Vermont Agency of Education, as part of our triennial Integrated Field Review (IFR). The IFR is a review of documents, interviews with students, parents and staff, and observations of schools all designed to reveal common practices in a supervisory union or school district. This is a collaborative and reciprocal process, and staff members from our district visited and reviewed neighboring school systems.


This Integrated Field Review process leads to a written report, featuring school system-level commendations and recommendations in the areas of Academic Proficiency, Personalization, Safe Healthy Schools, High Quality Staffing and Investment Priorities, the five domains of Vermont’s Education Quality Standards. The IFR process is flexible and is not evaluative; the results of a school system’s IFR can be used at their discretion, be it to support continuous improvement planning, to create networking opportunities with neighboring districts, to guide future professional development or other.


Here is the ACSD IFR Final Report from the Integrated Field Review.


Do not hesitate to reach out to your building principal with any questions or concerns.