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November Communique

Superintendent's Communique
November 2018
As educators, all of us carry significant responsibility in helping to shape the future of our communities. Building a culture of inclusivity, compassion, and engagement is central to our mission of providing students with the experience and knowledge to be positive contributors to a world that supports respect for all.

When I look at the individual and collective work we do, I am in awe, particularly when I see what it takes in today's world to provide context and help students understand the chaos that affronts us in our news feeds. From the divisive daily political news to the incomprehensible violence stemming from bias and hate, it's challenging to be a positive voice for students in understanding how to make sense of our world. It's important for us to both realize our role in helping students better understand themselves and the world, and understand that we are not solely isolated in the Green Mountains. We are actually very connected to the global world, and it needs us and our students and greater communities to be positive voices for greater understanding.

Central to being positive voices is our work in building greater equity literacy, through early release and in-service days, to deepen our own understanding of who we are and how to support our students in truly embracing the International Baccalaureate learner profile and international-mindedness. In addition, we will be releasing an equity audit to both faculty and staff to gather baseline data to build on this work as we prepare our students to truly embrace the qualities of the IB Learner Profile

Principal for a Day Visits


Over the next months, I'll be spending time in each of our schools as Principal for a Day, to be part of the excitement that is ACSD. I spent an awesome day at Mary Hogan last Monday, and my next stop will be MUHS next Tuesday. I'm looking forward to celebrating what's great with each of our schools and to support all of you in your work of inspiring our students!


Facilities Master Planning Process

The ACSD Facilities Master Plan outreach begins this month, with three community dialogue events on November 3, 13, and 14. The purpose of these events is to bring our community together to discuss long-range planning as the ACSD Board creates a plan to guide decision making over the next 10 years. To learn more, please go here


Diploma Program Authorization Process

We have recently submitted our application for authorization for the IB Diploma Program, to begin next fall, August 2019! This has been the work of many, many educators, and I want to thank everyone for the thoughtful and challenging work of the last three years as we've worked through many decision points, asked all the right questions about what makes the most sense for our students, and have built the program with IB for all at the core.