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9th Grade Day at Common Ground

On September 30th, MUHS Peer Leaders and School Counselors hosted the incoming class of 2025 for a day of team building. This year, we held the day at Common Ground Center, in Starksboro, VT. The day was a wonderful opportunity for 9th graders to explore various ways to build cohesiveness both within their advisory groupings as well as in a larger group of approximately 200 people. 

The day started off with large group "icebreakers" led by Dave Zamansky from Colby Sawyer College. Dave had students moving, talking, and getting comfortable being together.  Next, students headed over to the dining hall where they enjoyed a catered lunch from Papa Nick’s in Hinesburg as well as tasty desserts made by the senior peer leaders.  Following lunch our ninth-grade students joined their teacher advisor and our peer leaders for an afternoon of community building activities - definitely the highlight of the day!!  Peer leaders facilitated various experiential activities that challenged 9th grade advisory groups to communicate and work together as a team. Groups were talking, laughing, and most importantly, building friendships and a stronger sense of community. It was quite a special afternoon.