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COVID Testing and school-based vaccine clinic information

ACSD Health and Safety Update for Staff, Students, and Families 11.19.21

Kelly Landwehr, RN, MSN ACSD COVID Coordinator

(802) 779-2373


COVID Testing Now Available in ACSD Schools!

ACSD Schools are now ready to implement Response Testing as needed using Rapid Antigen and PCR testing.  Please visit the ACSD Website’s COVID Response page where you can find more information about the Response Testing and how to register and give consent for staff or student testing.  


COVID Testing for Safety During the Holidays

Prior to gathering with others for the holidays, it is recommended to get tested. Testing before you gather is a great way to protect everyone. Schedule your free PCR test no later than Monday, Nov. 22, to make sure results arrive in time. You can get extra reassurance with a rapid test, closer to the gathering. At-home tests you can buy at a pharmacy are a good tool for this, if you have access to them. They typically come in boxes of two, so if you use them, it’s recommended to use one Tuesday or Wednesday and the other on Thanksgiving Day — to make sure your negative result is accurate.


Update on COVID Vaccines in Schools For Students Age 5-11

I’m so happy to share good news with you on our current plans to offer vaccines to students in our schools.  Through our partnership with Addison County Home Health, ACSD schools will continue to schedule vaccine clinics in our schools for students. After some challenges with Vermont Department of Health clinics that required us to cancel clinics that were open to the public due to safety and COVID mitigation reasons and then some uncertainty that Addison County Home Health would get enough allocation of vaccine, we finally have confirmation that we will have enough vaccine to provide them in schools for those families who choose this route.   I am so grateful for ACHHH and our awesome school nurses for helping make this happen!


You may have already heard from your school nurse or principal as some of these home health vaccine clinics took place this week.  Below is a schedule of all the school vaccine clinics.  This schedule has all students who get vaccinated at school getting their second dose before our December break begins. Getting the vaccine at school is of course optional and caregivers are welcome to join your student at school for support -connect with your school nurse or principal to arrange this.  You do not have to register your student online-all consents and registration will happen either with a hard copy form or over the phone with your school nurse or principal.  These clinics are only open to the students who attend that school.  



(All clinics will be run by Addison County Home Health unless otherwise noted)


ACHHH Vaccine Clinic Dates 


Dose one: Friday 11/19 9:30-11am

Dose two: Friday 12/10 9:30-10:30am

Dose two for Bridport students who got dose one on 11/16: Tuesday 12/7 (run by Vermont Department of Health-closed pod for only Bridport students)


Dose one: Thursday 11/18 1pm-when finished

Dose two: Thursday 12/9 11:30am-1pm

Mary Hogan

Dose one: Tuesday 11/30 10:30am-12

Dose two: Tuesday 12/21


Dose one: Monday 11/29 9-11

Dose two: Monday 12/20


Dose one: Thursday 11/18 9am-11am

Dose two: Thursday 12/9


Dose one: Thursday 11/18 11:15-12:30

Dose two: Thursday 12/9 10:15-11:15am

Dose two for Salisbury students who got dose one on 11/9: Tuesday 11/30 9-10am


Dose one: Friday 11/19 9am

Dose two: Friday 12/10 9-9:15am

Dose two for Shoreham students who got dose one on 11/16: Tuesday 12/7 (run by Vermont Department of Health-closed pod for only Shoreham students)


Dose one: Friday 11/19  11am-when done

Dose two: Friday 12/10 10:45am-12pm


Vaccines will also be available at most healthcare provider’s offices and other local clinics will be added as vaccine availability allows.  Vermont Department of Health is having a pediatric Covid vaccine clinic at their Middlebury office at 156 South Village Green on Tuesday 11/23.  You can sign your child up for an appointment using the online registration:   

Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine or by phone (ask for the 11/23 Middlebury health department clinic)-855-722-7878, Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Sat and Sun 10:00 am - 3:00 pm.


Here are some vaccine resources for families:

Pfizer Pediatric Vaccine Info Sheet

Sesame Street vaccine-oriented town hall special

American Academy of Pediatrics Vaccine Town Halls with Local Pediatricians


Winter Sports Guidance

If you haven’t already, please take a look at our ACSD Winter Sports Guidance if you have a student athlete and/or will be attending ACSD athletic events this winter season.  Here is some more comprehensive guidance that describes procedures for vaccinated and unvaccinated athletes, close contact guidance, and COVID testing for student athletes.  


Minor Guidance Change for Vaccinated Close Contacts

Previous guidance for vaccinated close contacts was that you do not have to quarantine and it is recommended (not required) to get a PCR test 3-5 days after contact with a positive individual.  The new guidance recommends testing 5-7 days after contact.  


Current Travel Guidance

Please check the this Vermont Department of Health site for the most updated guidance on COVID and travel.  Vermont does not have any state travel restrictions for state residents or for people coming to Vermont from other states. There are federal rules that apply in Vermont, like testing for international travel and masks being required on public transportation, including school buses. 


Thank you all for everything you continue to do to help keep our students in school.  I wish you a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving, Kelly