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New Testing Options at Our Schools




Our ACSD schools offer rapid antigen testing and now LAMP testing for students and staff who become symptomatic at school. We also have rapid antigen test kits available for staff and families who need them.  These testing programs will be phased out in the coming weeks in favor of students and staff accessing the same testing programs provided to all Vermonters.  You can see more about current testing options here.


To ensure your child is fully registered to get COVID testing at school. Please complete the following two online consent/ registration forms:

  1. Agency of Education Consent at this link (some of you have already completed this)
  2. SimpleReport Consent by school (click below on the links for your child's school)

Testing facility name

Patient self-registration link

Bingham Memorial School/Cornwall

Bridport Central School

Mary Hogan Elementary School

Middlebury Union High School

Middlebury Union Middle School

Ripton Elementary School

Salisbury Community School

Shoreham Elementary School

Weybridge Elementary School

 For staff wanting to register at all schools, use this link.