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September 3, 2021

Dear ACSD Community, 

In our classrooms and schools, students and teachers are exploring what it means to learn, grow, and care for each other as a community. As a district we have a similar task ahead: How do we care for each other and build community, especially in this resurgence of COVID?

ACSD continues to follow Agency of Education guidance to support health and wellness: 

  • Stay home (and keep kids home) with any COVID-related symptoms

  • Continue to wear masks. Although a majority of our staff and eligible students are vaccinated, mask use is one of the best ways to prevent COVID spread. 

ACSD will continue to require mask use until health guidance changes. Our leading Vermont Medical organizations issued this statement that urges the importance of continued masking. Please also read this week's communication from Covid Coordinator, Kelly Landwehr, MSN, RN about updated ACSD health and safety guidance. 

With every new active case, we use the following COVID protocol:  

  1. Principals will communicate directly to the school community affected. 

  2. If staff or students are considered close contacts, they would have received prior direct notification from a school nurse or principal. Families will also work with the Dept. of Health to complete contact tracing for events and gatherings that happen outside of school.

  3. We update our COVID-19 Dashboard as soon as possible, after those direct communications. That direct link is: 

It’s normal for the recent COVID cases in our schools to cause uncertainty and fear. Any case of COVID within our community is a concern for the entire community. Please know that we have an internal team dedicated to COVID response and a team of nurses who collaborate to support our school community. We are especially grateful to all of our ACSD nurses who are working incredibly hard to keep us safe. Quarantining and keeping a child home can be challenging. If you know that you should stay home, but need support, please reach out to your school principals. 

While our buildings remain closed to visitors, we have enjoyed building connections with you on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. We hope you’ll join us there and if you are healthy and able, please offer support to your neighbors: from food delivery to a note of encouragement.

With gratitude, 

Peter Burrows
ACSD Superintendent