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May 21, 2021

Dear ACSD Community,


With the Governor’s message last week and the shift in the CDC guidance, there have been many questions about how the new state guidance changes what happens in schools. The message from the Agency of Education was clear that schools must continue to follow current health and safety guidelines, including distancing and mask requirements. I do not expect that the state will make changes to the Strong and Healthy Year guidelines for schools through the remainder of this school year.


We are now three weeks away from graduation! Ending the year being able to celebrate our seniors and recognize our community as a whole for what it’s done during the pandemic is so important. We are celebrating our students across all of our schools, both at the end of this year as well as moving forward to recognize their accomplishments and the importance of everyone in our district that supports the health and wellness of our community.


Summer Programming
COVID recovery priorities from the state emphasize summer learning opportunities.  In ACSD, our April survey responses indicated that some families are or may be interested in participating in school-based summer programming, especially if it emphasizes outdoor activities, creative expression, play-based learning, and literacy support.  Faculty and staff responded that are or may be willing to contribute to joyful summer programming within specific parameters (e.g., for a week or two, just a few days a week).  


At this point, we are exploring the possibility of partnering with local childcare providers (those already contracted to provide summer programming in one or more ACSD schools) to see if we can expand on those offerings in alignment with family interests and employee availability.  We have written ESSER grant investments to fund such programming.  Expect more information about this soon as we continue to explore what we are able to build for this summer and to imagine what we may do in years ahead.  


Health and Safety Update
Please go here for this week’s update from Kelly Landwehr, ACSD COVID-19 Coordinator.


Peter Burrows
ACSD Superintendent