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April 15, 2021

Dear ACSD Community,


The warm weather has been incredible over the last week, and I hope that your student has come home to share stories about experiences learning outdoors. With sports now in session and our tents being used across our schools, it’s wonderful to finally be outside again to capitalize on the beauty of our school grounds and outdoor classrooms. 


As mentioned last week, Vermont’s revised Strong and Healthy Year guidelines now provide the opportunity for more in-person days at the secondary level. After review of the guidelines, consultation with the Vermont Department of Health, and review of the physical space at MUMS and MUHS, we will be shifting from a two-day to a four-day hybrid model on May 3. Both MUMS and MUHS will now move to four days a week in person (M,T,TH,F) and Wednesdays will continue to be remote.


We’ve shared throughout this year the challenges of the pandemic on our learners, especially those who excel at in-person learning and have struggled with so many remote days each week. Our move to increase the number of in-person days is aimed at serving all students, and supports our directive as a public institution to close the opportunity gap that is present and persists in our schools. For many students, especially those that require additional support, remote learning has been a barrier to closing this gap and supporting both academic and social/emotional wellness. 


Later today, information will be coming from MUMS and MUHS to their respective communities to share more specific details about what’s next and how they’ll each be making this transition. Please watch for that communication.


We will continue to do what we’ve done throughout the pandemic to follow state guidance and respond to any changes in our community regarding COVID-19 transmission and response to cases. We realize that we need to remain vigilant and responsive, and will continue to do so as we navigate what we hope is the final phase of this pandemic. 


ACSD Meal Kits
A reminder that meal kit distribution is tomorrow, April 16, during dismissal at ACSD elementary schools and from 4:00-5:30 at MUHS. If you have any questions about meal kits, please contact Laura LaVacca at


ACSD Health and Safety Update
Please go here for this week’s health and safety update from COVID-19 Coordinator, Kelly Landwehr.


Peter Burrows
ACSD Superintendent