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March 19, 2021

Dear ACSD Community,


This past Tuesday, most of our staff were part of the statewide vaccination campaign held at MUHS and the Legion for educators across the county. This puts us on the path laid out by Governor Scott to have all school staff in Vermont vaccinated by mid-April. There has been a huge sigh of relief as people throughout our community have gotten vaccinated. Following the Governor’s vaccination timeline that he shared in today's press conference, it's heartening to know that there is a light at the end of this long pandemic experience.


Other news today was the change in the national CDC guidelines, from a 6’ physical distance in schools recommendation to a 3’ physical distance in schools recommendation. You can find the CDC update here. School districts in Vermont operate under the Vermont Strong and Health Start guidelines, which can be found here. I expect that we’ll be hearing from the state over the next weeks as they look at the CDC’s updated guidance and local Vermont conditions to revise these guidelines. ACSD will be prepared to respond to an update to the Vermont guidance for schools and are in the process of determining what changes we may need to make to follow guidance revisions. More to come!


Health and Safety Update Please go here for a health and safety update from Kelly Landwehr, our ACSD COVID-19 Coordinator.


Enjoy the sun and the start of spring.



Peter Burrows ACSD Superintendent