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February 26, 2021

Dear ACSD Community,


We had good news this week as the state began a process of gathering information from educators to develop a plan for vaccinations for Vermont school personnel. No word yet on timeline, but it appears that plans are underway to support vaccinations of our educators given their essential work and the needs Vermont students have to get back to school full time, PK-12th grade.


As I’ve shared previously, the pandemic has had a significant impact on students, which was echoed today in the Governor’s address. We expect more guidance from the state over the next few weeks to outline Agency of Education plans that will guide school recovery in the spring, summer, and fall, along with any changes in the health and safety guidance that would allow us to increase in-person learning at MUMS and MUHS. 


Welcoming 6th Graders to MUMS
The excitement to welcome 6th graders to MUMS grows daily, and today’s update provides a window into some of the things that students and families can expect as MUMS starts the year in August. Please go here to learn more.


ACSD Health and Safety Update
There were some changes in guidance this week. Please go here to learn about them from Kelly Landwehr, our COVID-19 Coordinator.

Thank you for everything you do for the ACSD community!



Peter Burrows
ACSD Superintendent