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February 11, 2021

Dear ACSD Community,


I've shared previously how important staying connected is to the social and emotional wellness of our students, staff, and community. It's been wonderful to see members of our ACSD community come together with an eye on taking care of each other. There are more examples of this kind of connection than I can share, but here are a few:


This past week, members of ACSD's Vital Supports Committee of the Community Partnership Council distributed gratitude gift bags to ACSD staff across the district to express our appreciation for their dedication to our children and our understanding of the incredible energy they've put into educating and supporting our youth during COVID.  Each gift bag had a positive message that we hope brought some joy to our staff during these challenging times.


The Joy Committee of the Community Partnership Council also led the way in Middlebury, working to bring a new outdoor skating rink to our community on the Mary Hogan fields over by the Teen Center. We are incredibly grateful to the community members and partners who helped make this happen! A BIG thank you to the ACSD Community Partnership Council, Middlebury Parks and Recreation, Town of Middlebury, Silver Maple Construction, Junebug, IPJ Real Estate, Rice Lumber, Mary Hogan School, Middlebury Fire Department, Better Middlebury Partnership, and the many community members who came together to create this incredible space for our community. The goal is to open the rink over the weekend!  Please visit the Town of Middlebury Parks and Recreation Facebook page for updates on the status of the rink and find out when the ice is open for use.  


And there's all the great work happening in our schools, such as the MUHS Virtual Talent Show, which you can check out here. Connection and community continue to be central to ACSD.


Meal Kits
530 meal kits are being distributed across our district today. We are so grateful for the way our schools and community have come together to make it possible for us to provide these meal kits to help support families during school breaks. Thank you to everyone who contributed their time to help us with this important meal program.


Health and Safety Update
We received the great news that the state has changed the guidance on music performance in schools. We are excited about what's ahead for ACSD musicians and the opportunity to expand music experiences within our schools. For a review of health and safety updates, please see Kelly Landwehr's update here.

Have a wonderful February break!



Peter Burrows
ACSD Superintendent