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February 5, 2021

Dear ACSD Community,


Our ACSD Community Partnership Council continues to work on ways to provide connection and engagement for our students. The Council is working on an ACSD Winter Passport for elementary students full of fun activities that families can do outside during the winter months.  The passports will be sent home with students next week.  The Council has also organized Improv classes for students at the middle and high school and are working with MUMS to put together a March Madness Talent Show. All of these activities are so important to our students during a time when pandemic limitations impact our ability to come together.


Winter Sports Update
Today in the Governor’s press conference, we learned that the state has updated the winter sports guidance. Games, with specific restrictions, will be held throughout the state starting on February 12. For more information, you can find a news write-up here.


Health and Safety Update
Please go here for the ACSD health and safety update from Kelly Landwehr, ACSD COVID-19 Coordinator.


Peter Burrows