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January 8, 2021

Dear ACSD Community,


If you were able to tune into the Governor’s press conference today, he discussed in his inaugural address a timeline for school reentry. He stated that his hope was a return to school by the end of the year, with April at the earliest. 


I wanted to share that school districts have not yet received any information regarding this timeline or specifics regarding vaccination timelines, state health and safety guidance, or criteria for reentry. Once we receive this information, we will both analyze how it impacts our schools and share that information with our community.


A full return to school for ACSD will be guided by state health and safety guidance and the ability to staff our schools. For more information on school reentry, please view our ACSD Reentry Plan here.


MUMS Principal Hiring
Kris Francoeur, our MUMS principal who has been on leave this year, has announced that she won’t be returning to MUMS in the fall. I want to publicly thank Kris for her commitment to MUMS students, staff, and families. She has been an inspired champion for the success and opportunity of all students, and her legacy at MUMS is apparent throughout all facets of the school. 


We will begin a hiring process in the coming weeks to find MUMS’ next leader. If you are interested in being on the MUMS Principal Hiring Committee, please fill out this form.


At MUMS this year, Andrew Conforti continues in his role as Interim Principal and Laura Kiefer continues as Interim Assistant Principal.


Health and Safety Update
Please go here for a health and safety update from Kelly Landwehr, our COVID-19 Coordinator.



Peter Burrows
ACSD Superintendent