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December 18, 2020

Dear ACSD Community,


We’re two school days away from the start of winter break, and our main information this week is below with our health and safety update. We understand the challenges of the Governor’s guidance and the pressures of the pandemic, and are committed to following that guidance to keep our schools safe to support the wellness of ACSD students, staff, and families.


We were heartened this week to see our first COVID-19 vaccines administered in Addison County, and will share more school-specific information on the vaccine as we are provided details from the Vermont Department of Health.


In addition, a reminder that today is the last day to fill out our remote survey for semester two is here.


Health and Safety Update
Kelly Landwehr, ACSD COVID-19 Coordinator
Here’s a full review of health and safety as we move towards winter break.

Please look for our next Friday update on January 8. Have a relaxing and restful winter break, and thank you. Our community has faced unprecedented challenges over the course of this pandemic, and it has taken incredible flexibility for students, staff, and families to continue to make everything work. 



Peter Burrows
ACSD Superintendent