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November 27, 2020

Dear ACSD Community,


First, I wanted to share with you that ACSD has been alerted that we have a second positive COVID-19 case within the ACSD community. This individual does not work in schools, and has no close contacts, so no contact tracing was necessary. The individual is completing the required quarantine and following guidance from the Vermont Department of Health. Information will be updated on our COVID-19 Dashboard.


Moving forward on positive COVID-19 cases in ACSD, we will continue to update the ACSD COVID-19 Dashboard. Additionaly, principals will communicate directly with their school community regarding information related to identified positive COVID-19 transmissions rather than district-wide communication. 


There has been much information in the news, both locally and nationally, as we fight the COVID-19 pandemic and address the challenges of Thanksgiving week. Below is an update from Kelly Landwehr, our COVID-19 Coordinator, on the Governor’s guidance. ACSD is committed to the safety of our community.


Health and Safety Update: Family Gatherings 
Kelly Landwehr, MSN, RN 


On November 20, 2020, Governor Scott issued an Executive Order which suspended multi-household social gatherings.  This order does not allow people to gather with others they don’t live with, and engaging in such behavior will require quarantine. This includes all inside and outside social, recreational and entertainment gatherings.  For example, this means you cannot go over to a family member or friend’s house or go to a restaurant with someone you don’t live with.  You can’t host gatherings of friends or family from out of state or those that live in Vermont. Some exceptions include:

  • Those who live alone may gather with immediate family in one other household.
  • You  may take a walk, bike, or hike with one trusted friend/family member from another household while wearing a mask and maintaining physical distancing.
  • Small pods may gather for previously established childcare. 
  • Students may carpool with those outside their household if you have been previously doing so.
  • Custody visitation


We expect all staff, students, and families to adhere to the governor’s orders.  If any concerning situations are brought to our attention that could affect the safety of the school community while these limits are in place, students or staff participating in multi-household social gatherings may be excluded from attending in-person instruction, and they may be required to complete either a 14-day quarantine or a 7-day quarantine followed by a negative test prior to returning to in-person school. 


We look forward to seeing students back at school on Monday.  If you have questions about this guidance, please feel free to reach out to me, your school nurse, or your school principal. 


Kelly Landwehr, MSN, RN 
ACSD COVID-19 Coordinator



Peter Burrows
ACSD Superintendent