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October 30, 2020

Dear ACSD Community,


This week, school districts across Vermont received an update to the Healthy Start guidelines from the Agency of Education. These guidelines, which direct school district operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, have gone through three revisions this year as the state makes changes to how our schools operate based on new data and current COVID-19 trends.


These guidelines take effect on November 16, and ACSD staff are working to be prepared for some of the small changes we'll need to make in some of our procedures. Overall, the guidelines are not a huge departure from current practice. Most notably, there is greater clarity around distancing of 3 feet for grades PK-6, and 6 feet for grades 7-12.


Please take time to review the summary of changes that our COVID-19 Coordinator, Kelly Landwehr, has put together here.


In this update, Kelly also outlines the travel restrictions that are currently in place, and the quarantining requirements for the state of Vermont. There is statewide concern around the upcoming holidays and travel, as our ability to maintain in-person learning is compromised through both positive COVID-19 cases and staffing shortages related to quarantining.


I'll share more information in the weeks ahead as we work together to continue to prioritize in-person learning and ACSD students' success through the changes we're facing this school year. Please reach out to your principal, nurse, or Kelly Landwehr should you have questions about health and safety in our schools.


Thank you, and enjoy the weekend.



Peter Burrows