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September 11, 2020

Dear ACSD Community,


It was wonderful to welcome students back this week. In my conversations with students, there was much excitement as they shared about the things they most missed over the last six months: their friends, their teachers, learning and having fun, and being together as a community. Although some mentioned being nervous about coming back after such a long break, it was clear that being back and surrounded by supportive staff and students was hugely impactful.  


Last week, we shared information from our Health and Safety Guidelines regarding how we will be responding to COVID-19 cases in our schools. In order to provide a clear outline of the processes we'll be using when there is an active case, we’ve created the following guide:


ACSD COVID-19 Action Guide: Triage, Evaluation, Testing, & Return to School Guidance for Addison Central School District 


This guide is designed to be easily accessible, and will be a resource as we work together to respond to potential cases. While we hope it is not the case, we do expect to have positive COVID-19 cases in our community, and will be strictly following the protocols within this Action Guide and working with the Vermont Department of Health to prioritize the health and safety of our community. 


In addition, the Guide references our COVID-19 Dashboard. This will be where we update the community on the number of active cases in our schools and communicate COVID-19 case data. You can find that on our COVID-19 landing page on our website:


ACSD COVID-19 Dashboard 


Please reach out to ACSD COVID-19 Coordinator Kelly Landwehr or your principal if you have questions about any of these processes.


Thanks all for making this a strong start for our students!


Peter Burrows
ACSD Superintendent