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End-of-Year Class Trip 2018

 CLASS TRIP 2018: Several parents have recently expressed concern about a rumor that next year's 8th grade class will not have an end-of-year trip. We can assure you that we have not cancelled the class trip for 2018, instead we are engaged in a process of reviewing our options for the trip.  This information was sent out to parents in September in a letter to all families. As stated in the letter, we are completing a regular review of the trip based on cost and educational impact.  In short, we just want to make sure that the NYC Trip is still hitting the mark for students and teachers.  We want to assure that it has the appropriate curricular connections. We are currently researching Philadelphia, Boston, and New York trip options along with some outdoor/adventure experiences as well.  As expressed in the letter we hoped to have this process completed by January 1, but we are still in process waiting for a bit more information from the proposed locations. We will have information regarding a decision in the near future.  Again, we can guarantee that there will be an 8th grade class trip in 2018.