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Upcoming FUN and educational EVENTS for the WHOLE Family - (Title 1 funded)

MARCH 20, 2019

Evening Agenda For:

Math and a Meal at MHS 

5:30-6:45 pm


5:30-6:00     Spaghetti Dinner
Introduction to our math curriculum (Bridges for preK to 5 -  Grade 6- Connected Math )

  • Table Top -math challenges/activities to solve while eating  
  • How to: an Introduction to the Bridges website, a tool for home

6:00 to 6:45  Grade level Workshops 
Fun review of common core standards per grade level.

  • K-2- focuses on addition/subtraction strategies
  • 3-4  focuses on Multiplication/Division
  • 5-6  Ratio and ….
  • For example, in first grade, examples of number racks, number line, ten-frames, base ten, etc. along w/ manipulatives we use in the room.
  • Share strategies on how to practice Math Facts in a fun way as a family.
  • Introduce games played in classroom that can be played at home- Copies of classroom math games available for checkout from the library. (Zeus on the Loose, Shut the Box, Decks of cards).


Brought to you by: Mary Hogan Partnership Team