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2018-2019 Superintendent, Dr. Peter Burrows Monthly Communique

Superintendent's Communique   -   April 2019

This past month, our IB Diploma Program consultants came to MUHS to complete their final verification visit. This is the last step before informing us of their authorization decision to enable us to offer classes in the fall as an authorized Diploma Program. I had the opportunity to meet with the team, and wanted to share what I learned, which speaks to the strengths of all ACSD educators.

They effusively shared an overall expression of excitement. They said that MUHS educators both possessed a deep understanding of the Diploma Program and were professional, inspired, and student-centered in a way that made the visit stand out to them from the many they've taken. It felt very genuine, and made me feel grateful for the way in which each of you has engaged in coming together to build an aligned PK-12 IB World District that is centered on inquiry, reflection, and action. Thanks to all at MUHS for your commitment to our students!

As we seek authorization for our three IB programs, developing a cohesive system of services to support students within the IB framework is critical. Our System of Services Design Team began their work in earnest last week. In our first meeting, we looked ahead to the different phases of the work, including a review of the District Management Group report that assessed our current systems, a discussion of how ACSD educators will take part in this work, and developing a vision grounded in strengths that we hold within our learning organization.

The work of the Design Team will be to bring together "best practice thinking" to share with the ACSD community, with each of our buildings doing analysis of potential system models in the fall. It's exciting work, especially as we have the opportunity to really bring together expertise and understanding that has been developed over many years throughout our district.