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2018-2019 Superintendent, Dr. Peter Burrows Monthly Communique



Superintendent's Communique
September 2019

Thanks to all ACSD educators for making this past week such a strong start to our school year. There is a natural tension in our time together at the start of the year when there is so much prep for educators as we prepare for students, and I appreciate how deeply engaged all of you were as we reflected on what we need to do to be there for all students and be there for ourselves.

I recently picked up Shelley Moore's book, One Without The Other, and it made me realize how important the culture we share is to the types of systems we develop. There is much we can do to improve our systems, and some of this work is very pragmatic and research-based. Our System of Services Design Team will continue the process of setting forward models for us to reflect on and analyze during the course of this year.

What makes these systems changes so impactful, however, is not necessarily the system change from an operational reality, but rather what we bring to the work. It is our own understanding of the import of who we are and how we create a learning space that is inclusive and informed that allows us to support all students as they navigate the learning environment. Shelley Moore sums it up with the following: "The goal is not inclusion 100 percent of the time, but that 100 percent of the time we are striving to be more inclusive."

Thank you for the work you do to support all of our students.



Superintendent's Challenge

Community and connection is central to who we are and what we support our students in striving towards as both locally and internationally-minded learners. This year, I challenged all elementary students to move from reflection and inquiry to taking action by identifying a goal to make an impact on their community, whether that be their class, school, state, or global community. In the spring, I'll be returning to elementary classrooms to hear about and celebrate the actions that students took throughout their communities.

In addition, I'll be celebrating both MUMS and MUHS Personal Interest Projects and the MYP Personal Projects as we support students in pursuing research and inquiry into actions that engage them in making their communities stronger and more connected.