• Using Overdrive with your Ilsley Public Library Card 

    Borrowing books on a Chromebook:

    (Note: School issued chromebooks have the overdrive app installed, but the app seems to be a bit tempermental to use. Directions below are how to borrow books and read them through the chormebook browser. These directions would also work on other types of computers.)

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    If you do not have an Ilsley Public Library card, please contact them at:

    Ilsley Public Library.

     GMLC Once you have your library card, go to the Green Mountain Consortium Overdrive Link and sign in. You will first have to choose your library and then enter your full library card number and your password.

    Once you are logged into Green Mountain Consortium Overdrive , you can search for titles you would like to read.
    When you find a title you would like, just click on the borrow button!

    A box will appear that looks like the one to the right:

     If you are using a chromebook, and you are ready to read, just click on the "Read now in Browser" Link.

    If you want to continue searching for other titles, or want to read later, you can close the box by cicking on the small "x" in the righthand corner.

    When you want to see what books you have borrowed, click first on "My account" and a drop down menu will appear. 

    Click on "Loans" and the loans page will open.  You will be able to see all of the books you have borrowed. 
    Once again, if you are using a Chromebook, you can click on "Read Now in Browser" for the book you are ready to read!




    Borrowing books on a iPhone or iPad

     Use the Libby App.

    The video below explains how!

     Using Libby (ebooks & audiobooks) at Ilsley Public Library

    Libby Video


    For more information on how to use Overdrive on different devices (Kindles and other eReaders), follow this link to the Overdrive Help Page.