Degrees and Certifications:

Tony Francescutti

My name is Tony Francescutti and I am one of the 5th and 6th grade teachers at Salisbury Community School. I am honored to serve the students and the community of Salisbury and ACSD.

This is my 15th year teaching and my 11th in Vermont. Before moving to Vermont I taught for four years in rural, Nagano, Japan. こんにちわ! I am originally from a small town just outside of Niagara Falls and Buffalo NY, where most of my family still lives. I love traveling to see them a few times a year and enjoy my visits with my 93 year old grandfather, who still walks three miles a day and loves to share his infinite wisdom with me.

I studied at Alfred University in the southern tier of New York State and earned my B.A. in elementary education as well as my M.S. in literacy education. I love learning and continue to take classes through Castleton University and other local colleges.

I live with my wife, Lindsay, and my three-year old daughter, Rae, in Ferrisburgh. We have two cats, a dog and nineteen chickens. Outside of school my passions are reading, running, growing food, working on our little, old farmhouse and spending time with my family.

I take pride in my work and put my energy toward developing a strong rapport with my students. I believe that my interest in culture, travel, and environmentalism is a great parallel for the International Baccalaureate Program and I look forward to further developing our units to have an impact on student learning. I also believe that it is important to take the time to help students understand that the technology which we are all surrounded by, can be used as a tool, not just just for consumption.