submit a tech ticket

    Submit a request via email:
    To do this, simply send an email to the right queue (listed below by building/area).  Please include the following information so we can be efficient in our response.
    Subject: Clear Brief Description   ie.. PowerSchool Access
    In the body of the email please include what problem you are experiencing and what you have already attempted to resolve the issue. If you need assistance with a project or area of support not related to a technical problem, include a brief description of what you are trying to accomplish and what your timeframe is. Please be succinct and factual.

    Mojo Help Desk queues/email addresses:

    If you are a special educator or other staff member assigned to one building, please use the queue for that building. If you split your time, use the queue where you spend the majority of your time unless the issue you are experiencing is unique to a certain location (printing at MUMS for example), use that building's queue. Shared staff, please include your building schedule in the ticket description to better coordinate our response. Board members, please use the central office queue.

    If you can't access email on your computer or another computer, feel free to call your building tech or another appropriate support person.
    • Will Hatch - Director of Technology
    • Jasmin Doty - Systems Manager
      382-1111 - PowerSchool, State Reporting, etc.. 
    • Nick Striglia - Systems Administrator
      382-1290 - Bridport, Central Office, Early Ed, DO
    • Carl Siebecker - Systems Technician
      382-1720 - PowerSchool, Google, ACSD website, IXL, etc... 
    • Mike Conley - Technology Support Specialist
      382-1484 - Mary Hogan, Cornwall, Ripton, Salisbury, Shoreham, Weybridge
    • Jeremy Holt - Technology Support Specialist
      382-1223 - MUMS
    • Joe Russell - Technology Support Specialist
      382-1271 - MUHS
    We are making more use of the ticket system this year, and you may receive an email from the ticket system (from the tech) requesting more information.  When you reply to one of these emails, it creates duplicate tickets which can become a little unwieldy to sift through.  Instead, to respond to the question, please click on the 'View the ticket details here' link at the bottom of the email.  You can then enter the response directly on the ticket.