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    Posted by Peter Burrows on 5/1/2019

    Superintendent's Communique
    May 2019
    The past week has been an incredibly challenging one as our community comes together to process the loss of Tilly Boulanger, a Weybridge Elementary student. Tilly had connections throughout ACSD, and was a light to many.

    Each one of us is moving through the grieving process differently, as I have found in check-ins with people throughout the week. And yet, despite the individual ways we work through grief and loss, we have forged a community that truly supports each one of us and elevates us out of our own experience to be with others and care for them.

    I've never lived in a community where I felt this degree of empathy expressed from such genuine depth. As I witnessed the students, staff, and parents at Weybridge Elementary come together Monday morning, the trust and openness that we all shared made me realize just how important each of us is to one another.

    Thank you for supporting your friends, colleagues, and community.
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