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    Posted by Erika Garner on 1/31/2020

    Taking Action
    It has been wonderful to witness students over the past month applying their learning and taking action in so many different ways. Students have shared about work they've done to make an impact internationally and locally. Individual students have shared campaigns to make infrastructural changes to our schools and governmental institutions. Throughout, they are all clearly deep into inquiry, action, and reflection and it is the most powerful form of personalization I know. 

    Thanks for supporting our students in exploring and moving the world they live and lead within!



    The ACSD Board recently held a community-wide forum on the Facilities Master Planning process, and have posted information from the event here. The event covered the findings from the elementary school study facilities assessment. The architect, TrueX Cullins, was present to provide information and answer questions as the Board looks ahead at investment and a bond in the future. In addition, information was shared looking out over the next five years to gain a deeper understanding of both the Vermont educational funding system and the impacts of increased costs and declining enrollment as we look to stabilize our student population in FY26.

    Please also check out the flyer that was presented, which provides an overview of the Board's timeline as they continue to evaluate, assess, and plan for the future.



    FY21 Budget Update
    The ACSD Board recently adopted the FY21 budget, which can be found here in the ACSD Budget Book. The Budget Book provides data on our different expenditure and revenue shifts year to year while also providing an overview of the Board's approach to the budget and some of the drivers impacting our schools.

    The next step in the budget process is the ACSD Annual Meeting, which is being held at MUHS on Tuesday, February 25 at 7:00.

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