• I've been teaching at MUHS since 2003 and I live in Middlebury with my family.  I enjoy watching, coaching, and engaging in many different types of physical activity.  I know that good nutrition habits combined with regular physical activity are key to being your best you and thriving in life!  I work hard to pass this passion and understanding along to my students!  

  • Welcome To MUHS PHE with Mr. A
    Let's Move!!
    Establishing positive practices of regular physical activity and healthy choices now will help you live a lifetime of wellness.  Three things you need to do everyday in order to make PHE a successful experience for you and those around you:
    1.  Be open minded
    2.  Have the courage to try your best
    3.  Be caring and respectful with your words and actions
    We want everyone, regardless of fitness level, ability, and previous experience, to feel safe, comfortable, and respected so that they will be able to put forth their best effort and challenge themselves at their level to learn and grow!

    “In today’s technology driven, plasma-screened-in world, it’s easy to forget that we are born movers” -Spark, John Ratey MD

    *All assignments, projects, and announcements will be posted in our Google Classroom. Grades are still posted to Power School.