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ACSD Charter

  • ACSD Charter (passed by ACSD voters in March 2016 – The Articles of Agreement begin on page 9 of this document)

  • Amendment to Article 14 of ACSD Charter (approved 2/13/2023):

    • Article 14 is amended as follows: “An affirmative vote of ten (10) members or more of the Addison Central School District Board of Directors and the consent of the Addison Central School District electorate shall be required to approve the closure of a school. Prior to holding a vote on whether to close a school, the Board shall hold at least three (3) public hearings regarding the proposed school closure(s). At least one (1) of the public hearings shall be held in the town(s) in which the school(s) is (are) located. Following the public hearings, the Addison Central School DIstrict Board of Directors shall give public notice of its intent to hold a vote on whether to close a school, stating the reason for the closure, which shall include identifying the impacts of school closure and mitigation strategies, at least ten (10) days prior to the vote.”

Policies & Procedures

Board Operations

A1 Governance Commitment

A2 Key Responsibilities of Board Members

A3 Relationship to Roles of the Board and the Superintendent

A4 Policy Development

A5 Code of Conduct

A6 Board Members Conflict of Interest

A7 Governing Style

A8 Agenda Development

A9 Chair's Role

A21 Public Participation at Board Meetings

A22 Notice of Non-Discrimination

A23 Community Engagement and Vision

A35 Students on the School Board


B1 Substitute Teachers

B2 Volunteers and Work Study Students

B3 Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace

B4 Drug & Alcohol Testing of Transportation Employees

B5 Prevention of Employee Harassment

B6 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Compliance

B7 Tobacco Prohibition

B8 Electronic Communications Between Employee and Student

B20 Personnel Recruitment, Selection, Appointment & Background Checks


C1 Education Records

C2 Student Possession and Use of Drugs and Alcohol

C3 Transportation

C4 Limited English Proficiency Students

C5 Firearms

C6 Participation of Home Study Students

C7 Student Attendance

C8 Pupil Privacy Rights

C9 Comprehensive Wellness

C10 Prevention of Harassment, Hazing, and Bullying of Students

C11 Student Freedom of Expression in School-Sponsored Media

C12 Prevention of Sexual Harassment as Prohibited by Title IX

C13 Homeless Students

C15 Student Conduct and Discipline

C25 Admission of Non-Resident Tuition Students

C28 Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students

C29 Equity

C30 School Residence

C50 Kindergarten Entrance Age


D1 Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements (PBGRs)

D2 Grade Advancement - Retention, Promotion, and Acceleration of Students

D3 Responsible Computer Internet and Network Use

D4 Title I Comparability

D5 Animal Dissection

D6 Class Size

D7 Special Education

 D22 Selection of Library Materials

D23 Selection of Instructional Materials

School-Community Relations

E1 Title I Part A Parental Involvement

E20 Community Use of School Facilities

E21 Distribution of Non-School Sponsored Literature in Schools

Non-Instructional Operations

F1 Travel Reimbursement

F2 Policy on Nondiscriminatory Mascots and School Branding

F3 Fire and Emergency Preparedness Drills

F4 Access Control and Visitor Management

F20 Finance Policy

F26 Security Cameras

F27 Government Flagpole