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Facilities Master Plan

The ACSD Board has released its Educational and Facilities Planning Report  to the community. An electronic copy is below. A hard copy will also be available at ACSD school offices, ACSD Member Town Offices and Library Directors, and Directors of PreK programs serving ACSD families.

The final report compiles information generated during ACSD’s multi-year facilities planning process, and includes:

  • A summary of the driving forces behind the Facilities Master Planning process;
  • A comprehensive review of the process that was followed;
  • Summaries of facilities assessments that have been completed, reconfiguration possibilities that have been explored, the Board’s findings to date; and
  • Key takeaways with an outline of the work that remains to be done before a capital improvement plan can be finalized.

Although the report does not offer a prescriptive plan for capital improvements or reconfiguration of ACSD schools, it does confirm that we must take action to address our aging infrastructure and identify solutions that will function within the limitations of both ACSD’s and Vermont’s fiscal realities. Site condition summaries for each ACSD school are detailed in Section D of the document. 

The report also discusses concerns regarding the equitable distribution of educational resources across our District, as well as imbalances in student access to educational programming opportunities and consistent support services. The Board is currently exploring these and other District-wide equity concerns in its Strategic Plan for Equity, and intends to coordinate future facilities planning with the results of this strategic planning work. 

The Board intends to conduct additional community engagement to inform further ACSD facilities planning in the early fall of 2022. In the meantime, questions about the Educational and Facilities Planning Report can be directed to the board at 802-382-1700, or emailed to Mary Heather Noble at to request a zoom link for virtual office hours. 

ACSD requests that these printed copies of the report remain in your office for public viewing. Community members may contact the Central Office at 802-382-1274 to have a copy printed for their own personal use.


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Facilities Master Plan FAQs

Last Updated on January 31, 2022

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Please find the Facilities Evaluation Report for Addison Central School District by clicking here to download.

This evaluation was completed by TruEx Cullins in May 2022

Please note, this is a large file (500 pages) and will need to be downloaded to be read. You can also find a printed copy of this report at ACSD Central Office 49 Charles Ave, Middlebury VT 05753.