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School Arrival and Dismissal Times

Middlebury Union High School
Arrival: 8:10am
Dismissal: 3:10pm
Early Dismissal: 12:40pm

Middlebury Union Middle School
Arrival: 8:00am
Dismissal: 3:15pm
Early Dismissal: 12:45pm

Bridport Central School
Arrival: 7:30am
Dismissal: 2:45pm
Early Dismissal: 1:00pm

Cornwall School
Arrival: 7:50pm
Dismissal: 2:50pm
Early Dismissal: 1:05pm

Mary Hogan School
8:00-8:10am K-5 Students
8:30am Preschool
2:15pm PreK
2:52pm Pick Up K-2 and siblings
2:56pm 3-5 Pick Up 3-5 and all Bus Riders
Early Dismissal:

Ripton Elementary School
Arrival: 7:45- 8:00am
Dismissal: 3:00pm
Early Dismissal: 1:00pm

Salisbury Community School
Arrival: 7:45am
Dismissal: 2:45pm
Early Dismissal: 1:00pm

Shoreham Elementary School
Arrival: 7:30- 7:50am
Dismissal: 2:50pm
Early Dismissal: 12:45pm

Weybridge Elementary School
Arrival: 7:45- 7:55am
Dismissal: 2:45pm
Early Dismissal: 1:00pm

School Closings & Delays

Addison Central School District uses the School Messenger notification system to send emergency messages via phone, cellular phone, email, and text messaging. This system relies on the accuracy of information held within our student information system. To assist in keeping these records accurate, the district recommends all parent(s)/guardian(s) contact your student's school if there are any changes to current phone, cellular phone, and email records.

Delays - We will use a delayed opening when appropriate with a possible closing if necessary. The Superintendent will make the decision to delay the opening of school(s) by one or two hours only.  Parents should continue listening to the radio/TV in the event that school needs to be closed after a one or two hour delay. Delays will not be extended beyond the initial delay period. Buses will pick up students 2 hours after their normal pick up times. School will end at the normal time.

Closings - The decision to close district schools will be made by the Superintendent of Schools, usually before 5:45 AM. A call will be initiated by the district shortly after that time.

In addition to the School Messenger notification, the following radio/television stations broadcast delays and closings.  Please be aware that the district cannot control when the announcement will actually be broadcasted.

  • WVTK – 92.1 FM – Middlebury
  • KISS – 97.1 FM – Rutland
  • WPTZ-TV 5 – Plattsburgh
  • WEZF – 92.9 FM - Burlington
  • WOKO - 98.9 FM – Burlington
  • WVNY-TV 22 – Burlington
  • WJJR - 98.1 FM – Rutland
  • WCAX TV 3- Burlington