PRESCHOOL LOTTERY SUBMISSIONS due back to school by March 15th.

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  • Welcome to our Wing!  PRESCHOOL

    We are the Age 3 and 4 Preschool Educators. 

    In our wing you may hear the following: Laughter, Quiet time, Books being read, Cooking, Dancing, Playing and Singing.

    During Preschool, students participate in play-based learning.  This is a period of great creativity, joy and growth.  Our full-time preschool programs are paced "just right" for brand-new learners.  The preschool day starts a bit later and ends a little earlier for these younger students.  A Preschooler's day includes plenty of fresh air, room for self expression and touches on some of the aspects of the larger school such as using the gym, getting lunch from the cafeteria and participating in walking field trips like the older kids.

    __________________________________________________________________________________ENJOY some of our work:

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  • KIMBERLY FORBES - Preschool



  •     DEB MARTIN - Preschool