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  • We are always seeking new ways to keep you informed. While our schools and district send regular emails to keep you up to date, we are also currently working to reinvent a district newsletter to share updates, celebrations, and helpful ways to stay informed and engage. If you are looking for photos and highlights, please follow us on our social media feeds: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter



  • You can help us highlight and celebrate the variety of experiences and interests in ACSD!  We would love to hear and see what you love about your school community! We are always looking for new perspectives to share on our social media, newsletters, and emails and we invite you to share with us. Examples include:

    • If you are a teacher or staff member: Share a fun moment of classroom learning, students engaged in an experiment, a student who is proud of a project, students helping each other, or an exhibition or performance. 
    • If you are a parent or caregiver: Share how a teacher or staff member did something that made a positive difference for your student.
    • If you are a coach or club advisor: Share photos from a meeting, practice, game, or event.
    • If you are a student: Share something you're proud of, or excited about, or something a friend or teacher has done that you want to celebrate!
    • We invite anyone, anytime, to use this new form to share something about anyone in our ACSD community that you think we should highlight - from witnessing a small act of kindness to bragging about another's accomplishment!

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Bridport Scopes

    summer newsletter

    Summer 2022: End of Year School Photos, Summer Meals, Train Safety Info, Electronic Forms, Honoring Retiriees, Family/School Communication Survey, Board Educational and Facilities Planning Report, 

    spring newsletter photo

    Spring 2022: School photos, Nominate an Amazing Teacher or Staff, Ways to Engage with ACSD, Teacher Appreciation video and highlights, Share your thoughts for our Equity Committee.